Chapter 11

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We ended up riding all the rides till the park closed at 10. We started to walk out and we grabbed our skateboards we didn't feel like rising them so we just walked. He had one hand holding the skateboard and the other around my shoulder.

"Are you coming to my house tonight Andy?"

"Uhh sure."

After that we went around the corner and saw Ashton and Jenn. They were holding hands and laughing.

"Awe look at them." Luke said

"No. Just earlier today she was " in love " with Riker. Now she's with Ashton. No offense Ashton's amazing. But that's just not right. "

"That isn't. Come on we'll take the back ways."

We walked and walked and walked. Finally I had to sit down.

"Luke. Do you know where we are?"


It was like 80° even with the sun setting. 

"Wanna just lay here for a bit?" He said

"Sure. Do you mind. I have a sports bra on. If I take off my shirt?"

"No. As long as you don't mind if I take mine off."

"No. I don't. At all. And we can lay on them."

So we layed there and I ended up putting my head on his shoulder and he put his arm around my now bare skinned stomach. We kissed for a little bit. But we mostly looked at the stars and I sang and he sand. But we mostly sang together.

"Love you Andy."

"Love you too Lukey."


I woke up and didn't bother to put my shirt on. I walked to a tree the had sunlight shining directly too it. I stood there for a second and then I heard rustling to the far right of me.

"LUKE. COME ON! GET UP!" I yelled as I ran towards him. 

It was...

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