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17 year old Scarlett rose holding is what everyone calls stubborn and tricky... Toby Erin Rogers is what everyone calls a murder and a child with a "bad child hood" .... One girl... One story and maybe just one killer....


Hiya everyone.... Um this is my second story on here but I plan on finishing this one so thank you for reading it so far and I hope you will continue to read this story!


"Scar! Get the hell up before I come and drag you out myself!!!!" My "mother" yelled from the bottom of the stairs..... "Imma coming don't get your panties in a twist!!!" I screamed back down to her and quickly hurried to put some skinny jeans on with my grey hoodie and mint converse.

I went to grab my sketch book and set of color pencils and put them in my bag when I felt something... How do I put this? Watching me from the corner of my eye. "SCARLETT ROSE FUCKING HOLDING GET YO-" she was cut off by my brothers screams from across the hall. I ran in to find them both dead, the oldest's head cut off and the younger's hands and feet next to his face. I stood there in shock when I heard laughing behind me, before I could react cold metal whacked me upside the head... The last thing I remember was someone picking me up and jumping out the window and into the forest across the road. Then, the whole world went black.....

I woke up to my face hitting the side of... Wha... A tree. I was in the forest but I wasn't running, well it sound like I was running, no wait... I was being carried by someone running through the woods. The same person who killed my brother and kidnapped me!! I grunted and pushes me head up with force; a second later I slammed to the ground some... Thing looming over me chuckling. "Shhh don't worry, we'll be home soon" the male voice said, picking me up this time bridal style to were I couldn't try and get out.

I woke up on a large and rather comfy couch, I cursed, I had fallen asleep! I looked around.. No one was here; I sat up and Ran straight for the door. When I was grabbed by a boy with greasy blonde hair and black and red eyes that seemed to cry blood.... "You shouldn't have done that sweetheart.." I screamed bloody murder, but hell.. There was a legit bloody murderer in the house. I sighed... " no, you shouldn't have done that!"

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