Isabella's POV*******

It has been a week since Taylor and Tyler left on their honeymoon to Hawaii.

It was weird not having Taylor and Tyler around, I mean they always were around and now their gone on a honeymoon.

And boy did I miss them.

Right now Penguin, Riley and I were sitting on the couches throwing skittles at each other, trying to get them into our mouths.

And they boys were sitting at the dining room table talking about pack stuff.

"You keep hitting my eye!" Riley exclaimed.

"I am bad at aiming." Penelope said while shrugging her shoulders and smiling.

Riley picked up a throw pillow and whipped it at Penelope.

It hit Penelope in the face and Riley and I burst out laughing.

Penelope just threw skittles at us smiling.

If your wondering where the triplets are, they are in their bedroom taking a nap.

A tall, pale black haired guy from the pack came rushing in panting.

"Alpha! There are sightings of a rouge trying to get into the land." He said quickly.

"Okay get the pack warriors and get all the women, children and elderly in a safe place." Drew demanded before rushing over to me and the girls.

"Mark get the triplets!" Penelope said alarmed.

Mark rushed up the stairs and came back down in less then a minute holding three babies in his arms.

He gave one to Riley, me and Penelope.

"Go with Bruce, he is going to take you to a safe place." Drew said while looking me straight in the eyes.

"Not without you." I said.

"Izzy, I will be fine. Go with Bruce." He said while placing a hand on my cheek softly.

I leaned into his touch and pecked him on the lips.

We followed Bruce out of the house and into a van in the drive way.

I looked back at the house and got worried.

What if he got hurt.

"Don't worry Mark had to do this a couple of times, I was worried he would get hurt too. But he always came back." Penelope said as she took Robby from my hands and put him in his car seat.

After we all were in the car Bruce started it and we drove to the pack house.

Once we got there we were rushed into the basement where there was a secret room.

A bunch of women and children and elderly from the pack were down there.

Diana came up and hugged us.

Lily came running towards me and I gave Robby to Diana and picked up Lily.

"Iz-Iz will my daddy be okay?" Lily asked me.

"Of course he will." I said looking her in the eyes.

After about half an hour Drew and Tony opened the doors.

"Everything is fine, but there will be a pack meeting tonight." Tony said.

I  put Lily down, who rushed to her dad.

Drew was searching the crowd for me and when our eyes met he rushed over to me. 

He pulled me into a hug which I returned.

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