Chapter 7 part 2

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Stop right now,

You'll only let me down

Maybe you shouldn't come back

Maybe you shouldn't come back to me

Allison's P.O.V

I was surprised and a little shock to see that person at the door . I looked over at Laura to see if she planned this , but from the look on her face I can tell she didn't expect this . I study Laura's face and noticed she wasn't excited like I am but has a different emotion . She looks like she's about to pick up a chair and throw it at someone . But I still can't believe that Vanessa Marano is right in front of me !!! (fan girl moment)

Laura's P.O.V

The person standing in front of me is none other than my older sister Vanessa . I was left completely dumbfounded because I thought was still in California with our family , and yet she's standing in front of me . But one question kept buzzing around in my head . Why is Vanessa here ?!?

One reason I questioning that is because she fucking told our parents that she was too busy filming to meet our little sister. The only explanation I could think of was that Vanessa lied to our parents about being busy on set and flew to Overland Park without anybody knowing where she was .

Why , you may ask. She either using Allison as an excuse to travel to a different state so she can screw around town . Or she just did all of this to piss me off .

Either way I still hate her for using our little sister like this .

I look over at Allison , she looked like she was about to explode from happiness . I feel so bad for her , because she is so excited to meet her older sister but she's only just using her .

"Hey Addison" Vanessa said while giving a smile that's so fake , but seems to make everyone putty in her hands.

Apparently Ally brought it and gave Vanessa a sincere smile and said " Actually it's Allison " . I still can't believe she didn't even remember Allison's name .

Every second that's going by I seem to be losing my mind . It drives insane watching Vanessa try to manipulate our little sister when she didn't even want to meet her in the first place ! I watched them talk and laugh but I kinda wish Allison knew what Vanessa was really like .

I couldn't take it anymore , but I need some answers and I really want to put Vanessa in her place.

"What the hell are you doing here" I said looking straight Vanessa and not caring if I sounded like a total bitch or that I interrupted their conversation.

"What ?" Vanessa said trying to play dumb and act like she does know what I'm talking about .

" Oh you know what " I snapped .

Vanessa glared at me while Allison just stared at me with wide eyes .

" What the hell is going on here ?"

I look to left to see a girl who probably around Allison's age , and couple inches shorter than her.

"Shealeigh go back in the living room with the others ... please " Allison begged to the girl who's name I assume to be is Shealeigh . Weird name .

And suddenly another girl came up to us , this one with fair skin , black hair and dark eyes . I noticed she is smaller than the others girls , so wonder if she's younger or just really small .

" Shea , mom wanted to know if everything's ok over here ." Said the short girl .

"Everything's fine Becky and tell mom to calm down " Shealeigh replied slightly annoyed .

"Everything's fine ... Shealeigh incase you've forgotten we've have ears and I'm pretty sure everyone in the house , hell maybe even the entire neighborhood heard you all fucking yelling !" the small girl snapped .

Jesus Christ and I thought Vanessa was

fucking annoying , oh wait she is .

"Just get the fuck out Becky no one wants you here"

"Excuse me Shea , but who the fuck do you think you are"

"Who the fuck do you think you are !"

" Fuck off "

"Go fuck yourself "

I turn to left once again to see Shealeigh and Becky in the middle of a bitch fight . This is not going to end well . And all of a sudden Ally starts yelling and gets suck into the fight .

A couple others girls who I assume is her foster family rushes over and try to keep the girls from killing each other.

While everyone was distracted Vanessa grabbed me by the wrist and dragged me up the stairs .

Once we got up the stairs Vanessa finally letting go of my wrist . She had such a tight grip I'm surprised that I haven't started bleeding there.

What happened after that really surprised and shocked me.

She raised her right hand and slapped me right across my face and lets just say it hurt like a bitch !

Uh oh trouble with the Marano sisters

Why did Vanessa slapped Laura ???

If you're asking this question then you better wait for the next chapter .

Update coming soon :3

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