Fear by Annoymus

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My screen fuzzed out.

It went black.

A shadowy figure appeared on screen.

A voice started to shout at me.

"I will tell you the test of time,

All told in rhyme.

A mysterious messager told a tale that's true-"

"How did you know that's what we called him?"

"Shut up, you!"

There was silence for a second, and once the person on the screen knew that I got the point, they began again.

"It's true love was created for Natalie,

I will tell you the true fee.

She is yes, a spirit of the past,

One that comes back again and more,

A spirit to last,


"I'm confused - what that have to do with the fee, or me?!"

"I'm getting to that-"

"Penny? what are you doing?" Said a familiar voice, one that belonged to Alexis.

The screen fuzzed again to what I has just saw minuets ago, on FacePage

"Sorry," I replied. "I just- my mind"

"Again?" Mac asked, being the only one who understood.

"Yea, but don't worry it's nothing." I told them. But when I saw the shadowy figure on the bottom right box of the screen, in the background. I wondered if it was my mind playing a trick on me, for it was figure from the rhyming message, and no one else noticed.

Wait, if this were a mind trick, then the window would be-


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