Chapter 7 part 1

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Shouldn't come back by Demi Lovato

Allison's P.O.V

" Hi I'm your older sister my name is Laura . Laura Marano "

All I did was just stand there and stare at the girl blankly . This girl must be insane because there is no fucking way that Laura Marano could be my sister. We don't even look alike , she has wavy dark brown hair and brown eyes , while I have curly brown hair with green eyes . Nothing is adding up , so I thought I should tell this pothead to please fuck off .

I began to open my mouth but yet again I'm left speechless .

The dark eyed girl continued to stare at me as if I was insane or smoking crack.

I'm probably weirding her out , maybe if I'm lucky she'll leave .

She was the one to break the awkward silence by saying " Allison I know this is a lot to take in but you have to trust me ... ok " . She puts her hand on my shoulder . Instead of being all friendly and sweet to her , I just gave her an unfriendly glare . She saw my glare but she ignored it and kept smiling . Can't this annoying bitch take a hint . What would I do just wipe that stupid smile off her face.

"Ally , are you ok ? " She asked.

"I'm fine 'Laura' !" I snapped at the dark eyed girl . I don't know where all this confidence and bitchy attitude came from; probably I've been spending too much time with Becky.

Her mouth formed an o shape , she was shocked that I bitched at her . She deserved it because she was working my last nerve.

"Listen Allison I really don't like your attitude with me , and why did you say my name like that ?" she questioned .

"Cuz , you just walk over to my house thinking your hot shit , and saying your 'Laura Marano' when I know you're ."

I replied .

"What ?" She answered with a stupid smile on her face . The expression on her face looked like she didn't believe me . She looked like she was in deep thought about what I said . Then the girl's face lit up like a Christmas tree , she probably realized something.

What a strange girl . O_O

"I think I know why you might not recognize me , I don't really look my usual myself " she says pointing to her outfit.

She was right she didn't look like Laura's usual self . This girl was wearing a white tank and a pair of black leggings . I look straight at her since we are about the same height and examine her face . She wasn't wearing any makeup but she still was very pretty , maybe even beautiful and she did look like Laura Marano . I look away and try to find something else to stare at other than the girl in front of me .

Even though I just met this girl , she already made me feel insecure.

I was brought back to planet earth by the sound of someone saying my name . " Ally .... Ally " the voice says; this voice sounds awfully familiar . That's when it hit like a wrecking ball .

The that is standing intron of me is Laura Marano .

" Hey Laura ..." I said just above a whisper .

" Yea " she replied uncertain about what I am going say.

" Do you want to come inside, and maybe talk about whatever this is ?"

I was a little shy to even speak to her and afraid she turn me down or think I'm weird . But she proved me wrong once again by not even hesitating to think about . She went inside , not even a second after I ask her to.

Just as I was about to close the door , someone stops me . As I opened the door I started having a heart attack after seeing who was standing in front of me .

Laura's P.O.V

Everything between Allison and I have been a little strange . She practically interrogated me on the front porch for more than an hour. But something is very off about Allison ; she looks nothing like me. I wasn't going to bother her about it , I'd decided that it be better to ask my mom and dad that question.

Anyways , My parents flew me to Overland Park, Kansas , so I can meet my secret little sister Allison , at first this situation seemed a little . At the time I didn't know why my parents didn't want the whole family to fly to Overland Park to meet Allison and save trouble of having me flying back and forth across the country .

But Vanessa got stuck on set of Switched At Birth for the next couple weeks and my parents thought it a great idea of staying with her while I fly a couple states over to pick up my long lost sister ,then come back to LA with her. I asked them why Vanessa couldn't stay home while we go get Allison . They responded that Vanessa wasn't responsible enough to stay home alone after last time when she and couple of friends decide to drunk and smoke pot.

She's flipping 21 years old , yet I'm the mature one . In other news I begged my family to let me go on this trip to meet Allison , and they let me .

Things went some great between Allison and I (expect the interrogation). Until Ally went to close the door that someone kept her from doing .

I didn't expect that person to be here and at the same time I'm not surprised .

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