This one is for Cally and Toby

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Toby P.O.V

Cally fell asleep but I'm still awake I will want a bit and in 2 weeks I will ask her to be my girlfriend I love her but I didn't tell her because of Ben and I can't believe he did that to her. It's morning and Cally is awake i say "good morning beautiful" her face goes red it's so cute she said "thanks you the best" I say "Can I go get some clothes on" she said "I don't care" I say "are you going to leave" she said "why :3" I say "whatever" and put some clothes on and we go to get some breakfast we had some eggs i say "do you want to go out some time... Please" she said "YES oh my god I would love to" I say "yes when do you want to go" "how about tonight" "Ok that will be awesome"

Cally P.O.V

Me and Toby are leaving now for are date he look well we walk in the woods we found some girls and they said "Toby we love you" they ran at him so I killed them I stabbed all of them in the chest 40 times. Toby is like "wow that AWESOME" I walk up to him and say "you're mine" and kiss him we run back to the house and he brings me in his room and we sit on the bed and we are making out and then we un zips my pants and I take his shirt off (and then you know what happens).

Shawna P.O.V

I can here weird noses in Tobys room it sounds like Cally I'm gonna go in there oh my god what the fuck I yell "CALLY!" she look at me and says "it's what it look like" I grabbed her and bring her back to my room and say "get to bed" she puts on some clothes and I sleep with so she don't go back to his room.

Cally P.O.V

I can't believe she did that we go down for breakfast and Jeff said "you know Cally the walls are not that thick we hear it all" Ben said "Yeah Cally hahaha" I say "why did you listen -__-" Jeff said "you guys are so loud" I say "what no we were not" then Toby walked in and said "hey baby" and kissed me I say "Hi" Jeff is like "Toby is she yours you claimed her last night didn't you" Toby like "oh my god you heard us" "yup"

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