Chapter 4

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I woke up to Tobias and I's clothes sprawled across the Ferris wheel. Tobias was sleeping soundly on the jacket I wore last night.

I decided not to wake him as I got redressed. I don't remember much of what happened last night. All I know is there was a lot if kissing and it was fun.

After getting dressed, I softly shook Tobias' shoulder. "Wake up," I said sweetly.

As soon as his eyes were open we were kissing again. I pulled back laughing, "Get dressed we have work."

"It won't hurt to take a sick day," he said pushing me against the wall.

"How about we go in late?" I asked.

Our lips met hard. Without breaking apart we both sat down, Tobias on the floor and I on his lap.

After about thirty minutes of nonstop kissing we decided to go to work.

We climbed down the Ferris wheel smiling. When we got down our fingers laced together and we walked to the dauntless compound.

When I got there and met up with Christina I still had a smile on my face. "Where were you last night?" she asked.

All I did was laugh. "Oh I get it," she winked at me.

My back hurt from sleeping on hard metal, but minor pain didn't stop my happiness. I'm not happy because of sex but because I have my Tobias.

The day lagged on. The whole work day I was longing to see Tobias. His face was in my mind, I was distracted. I missed him even if he was only a couple doors down in the control room. I missed our touch, and his look, and his words.

I'm snapped out of my daze when Christina runs in. "NO NO THEYRE HERE TRIS THEYRE HERE!!!"She shouts with a voice that's so terrifying.

"WHO? WHO?" I shout back.

"EURODITE!!!" She shouts in that terrifying voice.

We run out if the room but instead of going in the crawl spaces like everyone else I sprint to the control room. "TOBIAS!!!" I yell as I run down the hall.

He jumps out of the room throws me on his back and we run to the nearest crawl space.

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