Chapter 9

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"We should go to the amusement park." Luke says as I put on my baby blue beanie.

"We really should. Are you afraid of roller coasters?"

"Nope.  Not at all. Are you?


"That's good."

"Yeah.  I have two questions when we get there."

"Oooooo ok!" I say as I grab me and his skate board

"Here you'll need this if were gonna go any where."

As we're riding down the street he skates over time and grabs my hand.

"Here turn this way."

As we turn left I stop and pick up my skateboard as we start to walk up to the entrance to the park.

"Here I'll pay." Luke says

"Let me pay for some."

"Nope." He looks at me and smiles


As we walk in we get a map and sit in a bench

"Your questions?"

"Oh yeah one is. Umm who's Max?"

"Wow. You gonna weep. He's my ex-boyfriend."

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