Staring is rude

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Aliya's P.O.V

Phew, I'm glad that's over now. We had just had a maths test which even for someone like me who was good at maths I hated the fact that we had to have it so early in the day. I made my way out of the class room to my locker so that i could get ready for my next class when my two best friends Kate and Rochelle and our other friend Calum were standing at my locker waiting  for me as usual. " Hey girls, and guy" i said to them all. " Hey Aliya" they all said back in unison. I had maths first with Mr. Whitby while they have physics with Mrs. Stewart so we always meet up at my locker before going to geography with the worst teacher of all Mr. Shipley or as we like to call him Mr. Shitley. " how was physics?" I asked. " oh you know same old same old. Mrs. Stewart let us have the last ten mintues of class free to talk or do what we want cause we have finished all the set work for this week." Rochelle said speaking for the others as well. " how was maths?" Calum asked me. " Oh it was alright I guess, we had a test this morning which sucked  but at least I am pretty sure I passed it with full marks" I said feeling quite happy with myself. " good job" the others said together. " thanks guys, well we better get going if we are going to make it to Mr. Shitley's class on time" i said grabbing my gear for geography out of my locker and also earned a giggle from Rochelle and Kate at the name we have for Mr. Shipley.

We walked into geography just on time but still earned ourselves an evil look from the teacher then carried on to our seats at the back of the class room. Now I know your probably all thinking but your smart and do your work why are you at the back and not the front. Well we may be smart but we hate sitting at the front. I find it so much easier to focus down the back but also our little group of four like to discuss what we are learning and so we get more work done down here. We were learning about the climate and global warming and blah blah blah. We already knew most of what Mr Shipley was going on about so we just sat there in the back and talked about the work we were doing which ended up with us talking about random shit which then earned us another filthy glare from Mr Shipley. " wow looks like Shipley is in a bit of a shitty today" I said which caused Kate to laugh a little too loudly and got told to be quite by the teacher. For the rest of the period we sat there in silence as we didnt want to get detentions or anything.

When the bell went we jumped up straight away and went to our separate lockers to put our geography stuff away then head to the cafeteria for lunch. I made my way to the table where Kate, Rochelle and Calum were already sitting at. When I got there they already had a tray of food for me for which I was greatful for as it meant I did not have to get up to get it. Yes I am that lazy, sue me. After we ate lunch we sat there for a bit longer just talking about shit that we did or that happened to us over the weekend. As I was looking at Kate while she talked I noticed someone a few tables over trying to discretly look our way and when he looked up again he looked directly into my eyes which I found kinda creepy but I looked back at him just sorta admiring him as he was very attractive. I had never seen him before so I asked the girls " hey have you seen that guy over there?" I nodded my head towards him " what do you mean Eric?" Rochelle asked looking at the biggest douche in the school who was sat at the table across from the guy I was looking at. " No I know who Eric is I mean the guy at the next table, the one with the blonde hair and all the tattoos" I said trying to take in as many details about his face as I could. " Oh you must mean Niall Horan, the new guy. He moved here to Wolverhampton like a week ago" Calum said. " Oh that guy, yea I heard he was pretty bad ass" Kate said. " I don't care if he is bad ass or not he is god damn sexy" Rochelle said. While they continued to talk about Niall the new kid, Niall kept looking at me so my natural response is to stare back. While staring at him I noticed that he is rather attractive. I ended up going into a daydream about him wondering what he would be like to talk to when the thers waved their hands in front of my face to bring me back to earth.  " Oi Aliya, quite staring at the poor guy, don't you know staring is rude" Rochelle said while laughing at me. " what were you thinking about huh?" Kate said with a smug look on her face and bumped her shoulder into mine. " n-nothing" I said not sounding too convincing but it will have to do. " righto whatever you say Aliya" she said back. I looked away from Kate back to Niall for not even 30 seconds purely because of the fact that when I turned back around he was getting up to, I pressumed, go to his next class as lunch was practically over. Once I saw that he had left the bell rang signalling us to get our butts back to class. Thankfully I only had one more class left for the day and that was literature with my favourite teacher of all Mrs O'Conner and to top it off Calum, Kate and Rochelle are also in that class with me, then I would be free to go home and veg out and be lazy for the rest of the afternoon.

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