Ariana POV

A couple of weeks past I got a lot of views I was actually proud of myself maybe it's a start of something new.

I was scrolling down in my mailbox checking my emails one email caught my eyes.


Hi I'm Sam I'm a YouTuber a part of O2L and I just wanted to say if you have anytime can you come so maybe we can film a video together that will be awesome because your a pretty and talented girl I've ever seen so I really hope we get to be real good friends and yeah here's my number call me.

555-3742-7646 (this is a number I just made up)

Wow I can't believe what I just read I should call justin and tell him about this...

Phone call:

A: hey babe

J: hey princess I miss you

A: I miss you too

J: what's wrong do you need something

A: no I'm fine I'm just happy like I got a million views In my channel

J: that's great babe I'm proud of you

A: there's something else

J: what Is it

A: I got this email from this guy he's name is Sam Pottorff he's a YouTuber he said he wants to make a video with me and he said I was pretty and talented

J: wow i agree with him with the talented and pretty one but I would've defentaily say that your

Beauitful not just pretty

A: Aww Babe I was thinking is it a good idea to do this

J: babe i think it's the best for you..... i have a question to ask

A: "what is this question" i said with a smirk

J: do you wanna go with me to France for Cannes film festivel?

A: babe yes of course,when is it

J: on thrusday

A: that means "after 3 days justin wow best timing" I said sarcasitly

J: haha it's just because I love you I'm sending some dresses Choose anything you want

A: Aww you should've not done that wow thank you justin... i really got to go talk to you later

J: ok bye princess take care of yourself Byee

A: Byee

After the phone call I went back to the email and worte down SAMs number and called it waiting for it to ring one ring second ring "hello" a voice said

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