Chapter Eleven:These Terrifying Emotions

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            Toxic kept movie, shifting a leg, more twirling her thumbs. Her eyes were shifting around like crazy, it was clear she was about two seconds from a mental break down. "Do you just wanna sit in the car?" Mikey asked. Toxic just shook her head and ran a hand threw her hair.

            "No.." she said and pushed up her glasses. "No" she said again, almost to herself. I glanced at Mikey who was looking at her with a worried frown on his lips.

            "We're almost here… we'll have to wait a little bit till the Truck passes though" Ray said from the drivers seat, Frank still pouting over not being able to drive.

            Toxic looked out the window bouncing her leg up and down, rubbing her knee on mine. I watched her, she was nervous, that much was obvious, but how much could she take before she snapped. She wiped her sleeve across her forehead quickly putting her hands between her legs, looking down.

            No one said anything as Ray pulled up at a newer looking vending machine, this is where Dr. D had said the drop off would be. Toxic still hadn't looked up from her lap as Frank opened his door to get some air, Ray followed. Mikey opened his door and touched Toxic's shoulder. "Come on Tox, Come get some air" She just Nodded and followed Mikey, As I slid out of the car Toxic fell to her knees, staring out into the desert in the direction of the vending machine. Mikey just looked at her. "Tox..?" he asked before her head fell into her hands her back shaking.

            "I don’t want to feel" Toxic said her voice beginning to break, She was crying? was the mission to much for her? She let out a little squeak and sobs began to shake her small frame.

            "Whoa what the-" Frank began before Ray punched him.

            "I…This…" Toxic tried to speak but was stopped by tears.. "Why here…" she finally said after a long minute.

            "This is where the truck drives by…" I said, trying to sound comforting.

            "Shoot some robots ought to make ya' feel better kid" Frank said and we all gave a glare to him but Toxic stood up and looked at the vending machine.

            "You're right." She said and a low roar filled the desert, a truck filled with Dracs… And sober.


            I sat In the sand, my head in my hands. This place why in the world did it have to be here. A black pit had opened in my chest nibbling at my thoughts.          


I looked up enough to stare at the Vending machine, It still looked rather new. The paint a little faded from the sun but there wasn't a dent in the machine.

            " Shoot some robots ought to make ya' feel better kid" Frank said, I Pushed myself to stand up, the black hole in my chest scratching at my eyes making them burn, tears earning to escape.

            "You're right" I said, trying to shove the sad feeling back down where it was hidden all these years. I hadn't felt this when Rash and Dodger died. Why was I feeling it now?

            I could hear a familiar engine coming near, I pulled my lips into a smile. The black pit exploded taking away any ability to think away leaving only one thought.

            shoot them like they shot dodger and rash

            I looked over the horizon waiting for the white and blue BLI truck to show.

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