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Chapter 30-
After Tobias and I finish the movie, we don't even bother cleaning up our popcorn mess, we just fall asleep on the couch wrapped in each other others arms. I wake up to Uriah and Zeke pouring a bucket of cold water on my head.
"What the heck, you guys!" I scream.
They laugh and tell Tobias, who was awakened by my outburst, and I to get ready for paintball. They run out of the front door with Tobias close behind. I trudge upstairs and throw on a black tank top with a slit in the back, black jeggings, and Toms. I look at my phone and see that it's almost 6 PM. My hair is thrown into a quick ponytail, and I head out the door. The rest of the gang is already waiting in 2 cars outside of my house. I hop in the first car with Tobias, Christina, Will, and Lynn. About 15 minutes later we arrive at the paintball place. I see Michael and Chelsea pull in the parking lot as well. We pay for our tickets and hide behind the barriers. Behind each barrier is a mask and a vest. I put them on. It's girls against boys. The horn sounds signaling the game has begun. The arena has fake trees and bushes everywhere, so it looks like we're in the rainforest. The sound of the guns being fired is near deafening. I ignore it and climb one of the trees without being noticed. To my left, Christina is shot in the leg and she has a huge, pink blob of paint to prove it. I look forward and see Zeke and Uriah high fiving. I aim, then fire my gun hitting Uriah in the chest. Zee stands shocked but quickly jumps behind a tree before I can shoot him. By now, everyone is out but me, Marlene, Zeke, and Tobias. Marlene runs and dives behind a bush, aims, and nails Zeke in the gut. Tobias hits her before she can return to safety.
It's just me and you, now. I mentally tell Tobias.
I leap out of the tree and do a dive roll, breaking my fall. In the center of the arena, there is a button that a person can press that allows everyone on their team to get back in. I would probably get shot by Tobias, but hey, it's worth a shot. And I would rather see Tobias get shot multiple times and be turned into a walking rainbow rather than being shot just once.
Oh, I love you, Cuatro, but you're going down. I think to myself with a smirk.
I run out in the open and see Tobias getting ready to pull the trigger. It's as if everything went into slow motion. I saw the paintball coming at me. I did a front walkover and heard the whiz of the paintball fly right by my face.
Only 10 feet away.
I can do this.
Another paintball comes. I do a ninja roll and launch myself forwards.
Only 2 feet away.
I reach my slam my hand on the button and the girls come running out screaming and cheering. It sounds like WW3 just started. All the girls are shooting Tobias to no end. Finally, he stands up and we all bust out laughing. It looks like a rainbow threw up on him. Everyone laughs even harder.
I said that out loud.
We all take our masks and vests off and walk to the vehicles. We drive home talking and laughing about the most random of things. When we arrive home. Christina goes to bed almost instantly. She has this whole "beauty sleep" thing. Tobias is about to walk out the door when I grab his hand. He faces me and I say,
"So, how does it feel to be beat by a girl?" I say with a smirk.
"I could've beat you, I just didn't want to hurt your feelings so I let you win." He responds.
"Keep dreaming, Tough Guy." I reply.
He softly laughs and I feel my heart start beating faster.
Stupid heart.
Calm yourself!
But omg Tobias's laugh.
Shut up, Voice Inside My Head!
Wow, now I'm losing it. I'm arguing with myself!
Tobias places his hand around my neck and pulls me closer to him. His lips find my forehead and he whispers to me,
"You're the only thing I dream about."

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QOTC~ What are a few weird/crazy/unknown/cool facts about yourself?
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