Chapter twenty one

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Mitch's POV

"You look amazing." I adjusted Scott's bow tie. We finished getting ready and got to our places. By the end of the night, we would be married.

I stared into Scott's baby blues with our hands locked. We listened to the priest speak. Scott smiled at me and I new what he meant. His face said 'happy' but his smile said 'I'm ready'. The priest paused and my eyes once again connected to Scott's. "I do." Scott's words rang the sound of loyalty and truth.

The priest went on. "I do." Scott's smile enhanced. He leaned down level with me. I pressed my lips into his. The best kiss we've ever shared, our first married kiss. It meant trust, loyalty, dedication, and love. Scott leaned to my ear. His words made me smile.

"If the whole world was against us, I promise to stand by you as your gay husband."

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