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I woke up it was August 20th that meant one thing and one thing only it was Andrews Birthday i had a special day planned.

I got into my shower and brushed my teeth. I got dressed into nice clothes and put my best perfume on. I go down stairs and Andrew is already waiting.

"Hey babe"

I give him a kiss on the cheek

"Hello to you ready to go"

" Yep"

We get into his car and go to the restraunt that I booked. We sat at our table and had the best date of our lives.

Afterwards we went to central park and lay on the grass over looking the sunset where we had a very hot make out session. Andrew and I are going to be together forever.

We go to his car and he drives me home.

"Hey Em since you made my birthday the best I got something for you"

"Andrew you didn't have to"

"I did though"

Andrew pulls out a box and opens it up to reveal a diamond neckless.

"Oh baby I don't know what to say"

I kiss Andrew and it quickly develops into a make out session.

I'm so sorry this is short. I am a different writer from WebHead1962 he will still write this but he said he was to busy to write tonight so when I'm writing I'll put CR at the end ok. This is my first try at this that's why this is short WebHead1962 originally wrote a longer one but it got deleted and that's why I had to pull this one out the bag its horrible I know but WebHead1962 will return to write at 650 reads and 45 votes bye CR

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