Chapter 35:Awkward morning and sucky breakfast

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~~Chapter 35: Awkward morning and sucky breakfast~~


I saw the light piercing in through the window, but instead of getting up and enjoying it I decided instead to stuff my face beneath the covers, completely shielding myself from it. My head throbbed horribly and even though I didn’t have a drop of alcohol last night I still felt hung over and worn out.

          I licked my dry lips and shifted uncomfortably around the bed. I opened my mouth to yawn but never got the chance as I large, blunt object came crashing down on my front teeth.

          My eyes shot open as a scream escaped my mouth. I quickly sat up, almost falling off the bed as I wailed my arms and legs around wildly. My foot made contact with something hard and I watched, with weary eyes, Kamen fall off the edge of the bed groaning in agony as his body hit the ground.

          I flinched at the loud boom, following by a slur of cusses from Kamen. I laid my hand on my chest and felt my heart beating at a mile a minute. I staggered horribly as I tried to breathe normally.

          Kamen’s head popped up from the side of the bed, anger and exhaustion etched into his features, “What the hell, Indie?”

          “What the hell?” I mimicked him angrily. “You attacked me in my sleep!”

          I ran my hand along my upper row of teeth in worry. “I could’ve lost teeth! Why did you hit me?”

          “What are you talking about?” Kamen asked, rubbing his head. “You’re the one who screamed bloody murder and kicked me in the side!”

          “Be happy I didn’t to worse! I thought my life was in dan—“

          Both of us froze as a loud groan sounded from across the room. Both our eyes slowly titled towards Kitty and Trenton’s side of the room only to see Trenton lying face down on the ground only wearing a lose pair of boxers and a blanket streamed around him. Kitty sat up slowly after, her shoulders completely nude and a blanket barely covering the rest of her.

          “Why—Why so much….strife?” Kitty muttered obviously suffering from a horrible hangover. I watched in horror as her hand began moving out from under the covers.

          My eyes went wide as I myself began scampering out from underneath the covers, “Kitty, wait!”

          It was too late though. Kitty’s hand found her way up to her mangled hair making the covers fall down and unintentionally giving Kamen and I a perfect view of her completely bare chest.

          My eyes instantly darted over towards Kamen whose jaw was dropped and eyes were wide as he took in Kitty’s…appearance. Panic rising within me, I gave up on getting out from under the covers and instead slammed my hand over Kamen’s eyes.

          I slammed my tray down next to Kamen who continued to slurp down his cereal without even looking up at me. I sat down and stared down at my ‘breakfast’ in disappointment. My eggs looked like they had been sitting out in the sun for hours and lost all of their pure yellowish glow.

          I sighed and glanced over at Kamen in disgust, “How are you eating that?”

          Kamen only glanced up from his bowl from a second and gave me a quizzical look, “You don’t like cereal?”

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