Chapter 4

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Mary's POV

I saw the liquor bottle's on the floor. Some of them were empty, some of them were broken. There was some liquor spilled on the floor and the hall smelled like whiskey and smoke. When I walked to the kitchen I saw my mom. She was holding a bottle of wine and she was smoking.


She didn't respond

I walked right up to here and touched here shoulder


She slowly turned her face.

"Mom, are you okay?"

She didn't respond

I took the bottle of wine out of her hands, but she wouldn't let go.

"Why are you always so mean to me?" She yelled.

"Mom, I'm only trying to help you"

"Well fuck you, leave me alone! I don't need help!"

I took the bottle from her, and walked to my room. I heard her cry really loud. I took my headphones and listened to Demi Lovato really long. She is the only one that gives me a little strength. 3 hours later I walked to the kitchen to check on my mom. But she wasn't there. I walked to she living room. She wasn't there.

"Mom! Where are you?"

No response. Fuck. I looked everywhere. The bathroom, garage and her bedroom, no mom. Then I heard a noise outside. I ran outside and I saw somebody lying in the grass. I was getting closer, until I saw it was here. Lying in her own vomit. Almost choking! I laid her on her side.

"Mom!! Please! Can you hear me?"

I felt her wrist, there was a heartbeat. Thank god! I called an ambulance, and waited. My mom was in so much pain. I just couldn't stand looking at here. The ambulance arrived and took her right up to the hospital. I was calm, because I knew she would me okay. I waited in a tiny white room. Then a doctor appeared and walked right up to me. "Miss stone?"


"The results aren't good"

"And that means?"

"That your mother needs help Miss".

"She isn't crazy"

"No absolutely not! But she needs help, because she has a serious addiction"

"We'll I knew that, but she doesn't need help, I'm here for her!"

"Sweetheart, you can't help here, you've done enough. It's the third time she's in here."

"No, you can't take her from me! She is the only family I have!"

"I'm sorry darling, but I think you need to find a place for your own, or you need to call a friend".

"No! I want my mom! I'm going with here!"

"You can't ! "

"Can I at least see her now?"

"In a hour, okay? We first need to do some tests.

Call a friend!"

A few people were going threw my head. Louis, who has no time for me at the moment I think, and Niall. No, I can't call him! He is busy, just like Louis. But it's 4 o'clock in the morning! I forgot! They have no rehearsals or anything! I called Louis, and I heard in his voice that I waked him.

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