Ben drowned and sally love story

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          ch.1 killing with a unexpected surprise

Sally's p.o.v - I was on the playground and I got my knife of of my stuffed bear and cut my knee not enough to actually hurt me but to make it bleed then I started to fake cry so I can bring attention to myself and it worked haha as usual . A young lady walked out of her house hearing me cry she was about in he mid 20 s maybe she ran to me and asked me what's wrong are u  hurt should I get help where are ur parents I told her my name is sally and my parents live down the road I was about to head home but I decided to go down the slide one more time and I cut my knee can u fix it I said in a baby voice so she picked me up and into her house she set me on her couch left the room and came back with a medical kit she got a wet rag wiped away the blood and put a bandaid on it she said there now we can take u home she made me follow her to her car and said just give me directions to the house OK I nodded in response and I led her to and abandoned house I used to live in the one I murder my own parents in and went to the door and nocked and tried to open the door trying to make it look as if the were just not at home at the moment she said OK then if there not here I'll sit here till they get home so we sit on the steps and I say u want to play a game she said sure I lead her in the woods I said I'll court to ten and u don't want me to find u OK she had a concerned omost frightened face as she ran away hiding one two three then I went silent and counted to only I could here me to only scare her more cause she won't know when I get to ten nine ten I'm gonna find u I heard her start running again in a different direction she I yelled I'm gonna find u she was panting then I was right behind her and pined her down and whispered in her ear I found u lifting the knife about to strike when I heard a chuckle I turn around to see ben standing there I said what do u want can't u see I'm busy holding the victim down by her will we both start smiling and he said go ahead sorry for the  interruption   won't happen again I chuckled looked down a the terrified victim and stabbed the knife through her back in such a way it pierced her heart and feeling the heartbeat in the handle fade away till I couldn't deal it anymore I pull it out with ease I get up only to be face to face with the other devious killer we just stared at each other then he broke the silence u know what ? I answered back what ? u get more beautiful every time I see u . I couldn't see me reflection bit if I did I bet my cheeks would have been pink cause he just giggle grabbed my hand and we headed back toward the house 

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