Chapter 8

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"Hey Andrea!" Jenn yells

"Hey Jenn!!!"

"Ok. The new guy is super cute."

"Omg Jenn your already crushing?"

"Yeah. Ooo there he is be right back."

"Um ok?"


"Hey, Riker?"

"Yeah! What's your name?"


"I like that name."

"Thanks. It's okay I guess.." He laughs

"So could you show me where umm room 108?"

"Sure. That's actually where I'm going!"

"Oh really? That's awesome!"

"Yeah come on!" He says as he starts to walk then I looked at Andrea and waved.

*back to me*

"Hey Andy!" Luke said as he walked up to me

"Who's that?"

"You. Its my new nickname for you."

"That's cute I guess."

"Yeah it is. Especially for your look." He said grabbing my hips I giggled.

"Wanna come over later?" He said pushing back my hair

"Oh look its the two suicidals." This mean jock named Max said

"Shut up!" I yelled.

"Oh look Andrea finally got herself a boy friend."

"Yeah I do. You gotta problem with it?" We weren't really dating but I wanted to rub it in his face.

"We are?" Luke whispered in my ear.

"Yeah. We are."

"Awe. But you can't prove it. So what's it matter. Why lie?" Max said.

"Yeah. I can prove it." Right after I said that I grabbed his hips and kissed him. He wanted me to do it. I could tell god. His lips were so soft. After we stopped and looked he had walked away by then. The hallway was empty.

"Wanna leave?" I said

"Can we?"

"No. But who are they gonna call.."

"Right. Come on. Let's go"

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