Those Feelings

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Its been a week and I haven't talked to princeton or roc, beth and I are very hurt by their action but I feel like its my fault for letting princeton in I have always been the negative person saying there was no such thing as finding love and I'm always proved right I guess that's why I only have one friend which is beth people never liked me but I don't complain. So today we are having a fundraiser, beth and I checked in to all our classes this morning and got our work I'm so happy I don't have to be in my classes today but the bad part is that MB are helping with the fundraiser too so as I set up a table ray comes to talk to me

 RayRay: Hey sarah

 Sarah: Hey

 RayRay: Wow you look down is it because of the roc and princeton thing

 Sarah: No its the fact that I wasn't planning on seeing them today and now I have too

 RayRay: Wow your that mad

 Sarah: I'm not mad I'm pissed

 RayRay: Maybe you should try talking to them again

 Sarah: Nope not going to happen I tried that already I'm just going to get threw this fundraiser do my project with princeton and keep my distance just like princeton wanted

 RayRay: You know princeton and roc feel bad

 Sarah: And you think I'm suppose to feel sympathy for them now right? well its not going to happen they get what they deserve

As me and ray are talking beth comes over looking miserable I guess I'm not the only one that's not having a good time

 Beth: Hey

 Sarah: Hey, wow I thought I was the only one feeling miserable

 Beth: Well you thought wrong. Hey why are you guys just sitting here talking we have to have this done before everyone gets here

 RayRay: well I guess I better get back to work then (leaves)

 Sarah: Sorry

 Beth: Its ok maybe I shouldn't be so cranky

 Sarah: Ok I'm tried of feeling like this and I know you are too so lets just put everything aside and have fun we have been waiting for this forever so lets make the best of it

 Beth: Your right ok I can do that

 Sarah: Ok so lets put on a smile and get to it

We all finally finished setting up, even laughing with everyone even roc and princeton, the fundraiser is about to start and everyone is coming out looking at everything and reading pathlets as me and princeton are having fun he just has to ruin the mood

 Princeton: Hey sarah I just want to say I'm sorry for everything

 Sarah: Princeton can we talk about this later this is not the place nor the time

 Princeton: Ok that's fine with me

 Sarah: Great

As I hand out pathlets I see shelly this girl from my art class staring at me like she has a problem then she walks up to me acting rude and if anyone knows me they know I am not the one but I have to just keep calm, out of nowhere she pushes me like I was in her way

 Sarah: Excuse you

 Shelly: Yes? Is there a problem?


 Princeton: SARAH! (Turns to shelly) I am so sorry for her rudeness

 Sarah: I'M NOT!

 Princeton: SHHHH! I'm so sorry would you like to have a drink

 Shelly: Yes please thank you princeton I really appreciate it

 Sarah: (OH NO HE DIDN'T)

Princeton: Here you go

Shelly: Thank you at least there's some people here who are nice


 Princeton: SARAH! (Puts his hand on sarah's mouth) you can't be talking to people like that remember it is our job to work the booths so we can't mess this up

 Sarah: Ok I'm sorry

As I start to get back to work I notice something strange I dig in my pockets my phone is gone ok so I tell myself not to panick and I look in my bag ok I try not to panick I don't want to make a scene maybe beth or one of the boys took it to use it for a second so I go ask around

  Sarah: Hey beth have you used or seen my phone?

 Beth: Nope why?

 Sarah: Well I seem to have miss placed it

 Beth: Oh no please don't tell me you lost your phone

 Sarah: Ok I'm not maybe the boys have it or something

 Beth: Or someone stole it

 Sarah: BETH! I am panicking enough ok just help me and ask around

 Beth: Ok sorry (leaves)

 Sarah: Hey ray. Roc have you guys used or happen to see my phone anywhere?

 RayRay: Nah no phone here

 Roc: Nope not a phone in sight

 Sarah: Ok sarah don't freak out

 RayRay: Are you talking to yourself

 Roc: Yeah its kinda creepy

 Sarah: Ok guys I don't need this from you guys right now my phone is missing

 RayRay: Sorry to tell you sarah but you will not find your phone in this crowd that phone is long gone

 Roc: Yeah he's right

 Sarah: HEY DON'T SAY SHIT LIKE THAT! oh my god I have to get away from you guys (leave)

 RayRay and Roc: Bye

 Sarah: Hey princeton. Prod have you guys used or seen my phone?

 Prod: No why did you loose your phone?

 Princeton: Oh my god please tell me you did not loose your phone

 Sarah: Ok sarah you have officially lost your phone and your mind

 Pro: Are you ok?


 Princeton: Ok calm down

 Sarah: (Grabs princeton's collar) HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO CALM DOWN WHEN MY PHONE IS MISSING!

 Princeton: Ok you can start by letting me go

 Sarah: (Lets go) Oh my god I am so sorry

 Princeton: Its ok just don't do it again

 Sarah: Ok

 Prod: So where did you last see your phone?

 Sarah: It was in my pocket

 Prod: Then it should still be in your pocket


 Prod: Well excuse me for trying to help

 Sarah: Ok if you guys aren't going to truly help me then I'm going to look by myself

 Princeton: WAIT! Ok we will help, relax we will find your phone

 Sarah: Ok thank you if I don't find my phone my mom will flip

 Prod: Ok so we are all going to separate, ask around, and look around ok lets go

We all end up separating

               Hope u all that read my story like it I'm trying to make it as good as possible so comment things that u might want me to put in the story Ideas or maybe u and also please rate the story if you like it.

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