Heart rate

110 3 0


I went home and fell right to sleep. I had 3 missed calls from Ray. I didn't really care though because right now it's like I can't even come to him anymore. I mean we used to be best friends. Sky changed everything, I don't even know her like that. Don't get me wrong I'm happy he finally found someone to spend the rest of his life with, but I'm used to him spoiling me.
As a best friend anyway. He's like my brother though and I'm like his little sister.

Anyways when I woke up I went to the hospital. To go see Drake obviously.


"Hey baby" he said happy as hell

"Hey" I said bluntly shutting the door and sitting down.

"Wassup" he said

"Nothing, I just have a boyfriend that doesn't tell me shit" I said

"O .... Baby I'm fine now okay the doctor told me that my tumor is shrinking" he said

" then why haven't you told me. Nigga my hair falling out because of yo ass. I'm stressing over nothing. And you ....that was a dumbass move" I said

"What I do"

"Nigga you had me thinking you were gonna die. " I yelled

"Sorry I didn't know what to say to you, honestly I didn't think you cared that much". He said

"We'll nigga you know now" I said

"Come here"

I walked to his bed and he wrapped his arm around my waist. " Calm down, breathe exhale inhale ex-" I cut him off

"Nigga I know how to breathe" I told him

He bust out laughing

"It's not that funny" I said 😂

Then his heart beeper thingy went up.

"Baby you need to calm down" I said

"I can't help it when your here" he said

The nurse came in "ma'am can you sit down to lower his Heart Rate" she said putting his lunch on a tray.

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