How to Pull an All-Nighter

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Now, for people like me, you really don't need any special tips to help you stay up all night. For me, I'm just a natural-born nocturnal animal! But, I realize that some people aren't. Here are some helpful and fun tips to help you stay awake all night long!

Water: drink two glasses of ice cold water every 30 minutes. It will help you stay awake and you will have to go to the bathroom often. It's very hard to full asleep when you have to pee.

Move: Walk around and dance around every hour for a few minutes. It will help your body stay alert. This is also great exercise and it's fun if you have friends over.

People: Bring a friend! It's not that easy to full asleep if you have someone to talk to! You can either have them there in person or be on the phone with them. Make sure you both have unlimited minutes if you're on the phone, though.

Food: DON'T eat lemons, turkey, bananas, toast, milk, or ham. Eat food with lots of sugar and high protein like cheese and sandwiches and candies.

Windows: Open the windows to let some cold air in. Cold air can help keep you awake, while warm air will make you feel sleepy. If you're like me, though, opening a window in the middle of the night can be quite scary...

Television: Watch something that will keep you awake like a scary movie or something funny. But also make sure you do your homework if that's the reason you need to stay awake. It's also a fun activity if you have a friend over.

Nap: Try taking a nap in the afternoon before you pull an all nigter. It'll make things way easier to stay awake!

I hope these tips helped! For what ever reason you have for staying awake, one of these tips are bound to work! As always, if you have a wattpad account, remember to vote and comment!

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