Chapter 1

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                      *Raevyn's POV*

     " One,two,HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZOE!!" I yell as I jump on the bed waking her up. "Thanks bestie" she says pulling the covers off of her and rubbing her eyes. "Hurry up and get up I have a surprise for you along with a big breakfast!!" I yell walking out the door. About 5 minutes later she comes out in a crop top and a pair of shorts with her hair in a pony tail. "So what's for breakfast?" she asks sitting down at the bar. "Your favorite waffles with sausage" I say sitting a plate in front of her. I take a seat next to her waiting for her to finish eating. When she finished I went and got the envelope that has my birthday present to her in. "Happy Birthday I hope you like it" I say handing it to her. She rips it open and starts screaming. "RAEVYN YOU GOT ME MAGCON TICKETS" she yells tackling me on the ground with a hug. "Well it starts tomorrow and our plane leaves in about and hour and a half so go and get packing!" I say helping her off the floor.

                        *ZOE'S POV*

  I can't believe Raevyn got me a ticket to magcon in California.I run to my room and start packing some clothes. "Heyy I forgot to tell you we are staying in Cali for about 2 weeks so pack enough clothes!!" Raevyn yells from the living room. After I was done packing I drag my suitcases into the living room where Raevyn and her mom are waiting. "Ready" Raevyn asks grabbing one of my suitcases. "Mmmhmm" I reply trying to sound like Brent Rivera. I grab my other suitcase and follow Raevyn and her mom out to her car. Her mom drives us to the Airport and gives Raevyn some money. As me and Raevyn board the plane one thought crossed my mind. My dream is finally coming true.

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