The date

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By 6:20 I was ready and went downstairs to meet Tris. Annabel had done my makeup with a light blush, my eyes were done with a think eye liner with a flick at the end but my lips were a pale red so they still looked fairly natural. She had curled my hair and pinned the front pieces from either side back with a silver ping with diamonds outlining it. Finally Annabel had picked out a knee length black dress with a silver belt around the middle, my black pumps with gold studs on and a black shawl. I went downstairs and walked into the living Brad told me I was beautiful, I thought this was a nice compliment until he continued with 'although you're related to me what do you expect?' Jems and Con told me I looked nice then Tris came over and gave me a hug whispering in my ear that I looked stunning which made me smile a massive grin. I took hole of his hand entwined my fingers with his and started walking towards the door but he stopped me saying

'No we need a photo of our first date Rach!'

So I walked back into the living room and Tris gave his phone to Brad before walking over to me, we stood infront of the fireplace and he put both his arms around me so I followed suit, Brad took a couple and Tris and I moved so we were facing forward holding hand but looking into each others eyes. We walked outside after the little photo shoot to be faced with a black limo, being the gent he is Tris held the door open then got in after me. The driver already seemed to know where he was going as he began driving. Tris took hold of my hand then got his phone out and two minutes later my phone buzzed, I had been mentioned on twitter, I opened the notification and it read

@TheVampsTrissy - Everyone meet my beautiful girlfriend @RachelSimpson17 I love her more than words can say'

He had also attatched the photo of us hugging, I retweeted the tweet then replied

@RachelSimpson17 - @TheVampsTrissy I love you too baby <3

And posted a selfie of the two of us with it, I had to turn my phone off as it was going crazy with notifications! 5 minutes later we pulled up and I could see the London eye, Tris led me to a pod and it was so beautiful, it was dark now and he had decorated the pod with fairy lights then on the bench in the middle he had put down a table cloth with lots of tea light candles and some snacks, it was a perfect first date! We had the pod to ourselves which made it even more perfect, once we started moving Tris pulled out a beanbag from under the bench and he sat on it so I sat on his knee, my head resting on his chest and he had his arms wrapped round my waist. We admired the view and as we were half way round we started on the nibbles. As we came to the end Tris picked me up bridle style and carried me to the limo. After 10 minutes in the limo we pulled up outside a very fancy restaurant. We went in and there was a corner table looking over the river with candles on, once the food arrived it was amazing! We sat and talked over our dessert then returned to the limo. It took us home and we went back into the house, we checked the living room but no one was there, as it was not 12:30 we assumed everyone was in bed so we headed up to bed. 

Once we reached my bedroom Tris gave me a quick kiss on the lips and I broke away saying

'Thank you so much for tonight Tris it was perfect, I couldn't have asked for a more perfect first date with my perfect boyfriend!'

Tris leant down kissing me again but this time it grew more passionate, after a few minutes he pulled away and was about to go to his room but I stopped him

'Don't go Tris, stay in my room tonight please?'

//WARNING// This bit is a bit dirty so if you don't like that then skip this part//

He agreed and we went into my room laying on the bed. He rolled me onto my back then hovered over me, our lips connecting. The kiss became deeper and I began unbuckling the belt on his jeans, I undid the button and he kicked his jeans to the floor. He tugged at my dress and pulled it over my head. I undid his shirt and ripped it off throwing it onto the floor whilest still kissing him. He unclasped my bra and began massaging my breasts. I rolled him over and began feeling him threw his boxers then pulled them to the floor. Tris rolled me back over and took off my underwear. I knew what was happening so told him

'Tris, I want this and am ready but I have never done this before, I don't know what to expect and I'm nervous'

'Hey, hey it's ok, I have never done it either but i'll be careful, if it hurts just tell me baby'

He inserted his length slowly before thrusting slowly at first getting faster and deeper with each thrust. We both hit our climax then lay on our backs panting. 

//End of dirty bit//

We fell asleep in each others arms, my life was perfect, I had the best brother, the most amazing boyfriend and the 3 best friends anyone could wish for.

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