Chapter 2 - Brothers

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I looked up from my phone and saw that Tyler was coming over to the table with our food, now knowing exactly what I was going to say to him when I broke up with him. The picture on my phone made me realize that this was most likely the reason why Tyler had been so distant since school had started. In the picture, that had been sent to me, Tyler was kissing another girl, who I recognized because I had met her before. They were in the park, which also meant he hadn't just gotten here like he had told me he had. Tyler had not only lied about where he had been, but he also had lied about me being the only girl he was interested in kissing. I knew that he had girls that were friends, which I was fine with and where I recognized the girl in the picture from, but I thought that I was the only girl he wanted to be with.

I put my phone away just as Tyler sat down across from me. He put a basket with a hamburger and fries in it in front of me. I noticed that he had forgotten to ask for no onions or tomatoes, like I had asked him to do before he had gone off to get us food, since there were some on the hamburger. There probably were pickles on there as well. I didn't like any of those foods, which I had told him plenty of times since we had started dating. He had forgotten it many times so I usually reminded him before he went off to get us food. Obviously, it didn't help since he ended up forgetting to get a hamburger the way I wanted it. I had tried many times to get my own food when we went out to a fast food, but he would just tell me to sit down and that he knew what I wanted. But he didn't know what I wanted.

I sighed and grabbed one of the fries since it was the only thing I would eat, dipping it in the little container of ketchup, that Tyler had gotten for me. Debating on how I was going to start this conversation that would eventually end up in us breaking up, I watched as my soon to be ex-boyfriend devoured his hamburger. It was gone in a matter of seconds before he started on his fries. He must have worked up quite an appetite making out with that girl with how fast he was eating. I couldn't even believe that he was just acting like there was nothing going on behind my back. Tyler must have thought that I would never find out, but secrets are never kept hidden for long because they always come out. He looked up at me like he was finally noticing I was there and said, "How come you're not eating your hamburger?"

"Because you forgot to get no onions or tomatoes on it. And maybe even pickles, but I can't see if there's any of those on there. I've told you many times I don't like any of those food items, but if you want my hamburger then you're more than welcome to eat that because I'm not going to eat it," I said watching him. Tyler shrugged his shoulders like he didn't even cared that he had messed up and then grabbed my hamburger to move it over to his basket. He started devouring that to as I said, "I think we should break up."

I put another fry into my mouth as Tyler stopped eating mid-bite and glanced up at me, looking shocked that I would suggest something like that. That definitely caught his attention since it seemed like nothing else would. He didn't finish chewing up what he had in his mouth so when he spoke I saw all the food in his mouth as he said, "What?"

"I'm pretty sure you heard me. Things haven't been going so well between us for over a month now. And then there's this," I said pulling my phone out and showing him the picture that was sent to me. If he had been shocked before, he was even more now. I bet he didn't expect me to ever find about that.

"Where did you get that?" Tyler asked as his eyes widen and he stared at my phone.

"Some unknown number sent it to me. You lied to me, but then again I've been lying to you and myself as well. I thought I had feelings for you, but I don't. We're over Tyler. You can go find that girl you were kissing and date her instead," I said pushing my basket into the trash can next to the table. Tyler looked horrified for a minute as I got rid of fries he no doubt wanted to eat, but when he realized I was getting up to walk away, he followed after me.

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