Today's the day

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Today is the day. The day where Matt and I head off to L.A.

He was right, my parents can't resist him, even if they tried. I mean, at first they were a little hesitant about the whole going to L.A. thing, but he's so cute, who would say no to him?

It's currently 6:30 a.m. I woke up at 5:30 because I took a shower last night and I was only going to wear a pair of adidas sweats, a grey hoodie, and very little mascara. We're going to be on the plane for 7 hours. Might as well be comfortable.

Matt would be here any minute with his mom. We have to get to the airport early due to all the things we have to go through to get on the plane.

I sat on the couch downstairs, with my suitcases by my side, waiting for Matt.

I'm so glad he asked me to come with him.

I sat around for 10 more minutes, thinking of all the things that could possibly happen in L.A.

I heard the front door open and in came Matt, looking as tired as me.

I gave him a soft smile.

"You look like a zombie" I said getting up, almost tripping over the carpet.

He chuckled "yeah, well you're walking like one. We could go to sleep on the plane. It'll make time go faster anyways."


He smiled and grabbed one of my bags while I grabbed the other.

My parents were on a business trip, but I promised to call them as soon as I got to L.A.

Matt put mt luggage in the trunk an got in the front seat with his mom while i got in the back.

"Good morning" I smiled at his .

"Good morning Angel. Are your parents on a business trip again"

I sighed and looked down, playing with my thumbs, "like always."

My parents are never around, and it sucks because I see kids having fun with their parents and I get so sad.

I want to be happy like that.

I want to have a relationship like that with my parents.

Matts mom looked at me from the mirror and smiled.

Matt turned around and held my hand. I've never told him how I felt about my parents being gone all the time, yeah he knew I got sad about it sometimes, but he doesn't know how I truly fe.

I felt so alone.

So empty.

Matts mom put on the radio to lighten up the mood and after what felt like forever, we finally arrived.

We quickly said our goodbyes and headed towards the airport.

We had to go trough all that giving them the ticket, them giving us our seat numbers, checking our bags, scanning us, getting our tickets scanned, and all of that stuff.

That's what I hate about airports.

I love being in an airplane, but all the stuff you have to do before just aggrivates me, but before we knew it, we were sitting on the seat of the plane getting ready to take off, and luckily Matt was able to switch with the nice old lady so he could sit by me.

I love plane rides so much.

It's so nice to see the view and take nice pictures. It's absolutely beautiful.

The plane began to take off as I looked out the window. I was still really tired but I didn't want to fall asleep because I didn't want to leave Matt all alone and I'd just feel bad.

You know how when you're in class and your eyes are closing but you just try and try to fight them so that they stay open? Well that's how I am right now.

"Hey A, go to sleep if you want to. We're on this plane for 7 hours and we woke up super early. I'm gonna go to sleep too." Matt said, "here" He handed me a pillow and covered me with a blanket.

Before I knew it, I was out like a light

// I know this chapter is short but there isn't really anything to write about them being on the plane I'm sorry !

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