Part 35

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"YOU ARE NOT A MONSTER!" You yelled.

Meadow and all of them looked at you in shock. "Meadow I don't know you very well but the time I've been with you, you never caused anything, why would you call yourself something your not!" You yelled at her. Meadow looked at you in disbelief. "You have not known what I can to when I lose control." Meadow said as tears fell down her cheeks.

You walked up to her and hugged her. "Listen Meadow I may not know what the other side of you is but I know you are a sweet person who takes care of everyone else, I know that you suffer to make the ones around you happy, but that doesn't make you a monster, it makes you the goddess you truly are."

With that made Meadow cry. "Thank you (Y/N).."

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