Chapter 14

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*Flash back*

"Where is she!" Cutler growled.

"She doesn't need to die!" I yelled back.

He hit me with a pole in the face and stomach. My hands where chained apart from each other above my head. Cutler had been beating me for answers for the past several hours making it hard for me to stand. He then nodded to a guy above me in a loft and what felt like a thousand wats of electricity surged through me. My back arched and I screamed my eyes open wide with the pain of being electrocuted. After a couple seconds that felt like hours cutler nodded and the pain stopped. I slumped no longer having the strength to stand. I was only held up by my chained wrists. I breathed heavily but gave no answer to cutler's question.

"Cody I've given you enough chances he dies!" Cutler nodded and they unlocked my hands making me drop to the ground I was bloody and dizzy from the pain. They dragged me into a big room that I spent a lot of time in. This is where they do a lot of the big torture shows to humiliate me and torture me. They brought me up on my feet and I tried not to wince at my recently broken leg. This is when I noticed my dad tied to a thick wooden pole where I had been many times. I stood up straighter and tensed up. My dad looked at me he looked un afraid. He was always so strong when they tortured him he never screamed.

"You going to tell me yet Cody or do I have to drop this on your dad who is currently covered in gasoline?" Cutler held a lighter in his hand.

My eyes went wide and filled with tears but I couldn't tell him. She didn't deserve to die. I shook my head and started to struggle trying desperately to get to my dad. The lighter slipped from his hands and I screamed no. The lighter hit the hay around my dad and it caught on fire catching my dad on fire to. He just stared at me while I screamed and struggled and then cried. His dead grey eyes looked right through me. I fell to my knees and cried sobs coming out of me.

"Aww the little baby is crying," cutler whined.

I was then very angry. I shook with rage and my hands,that were now free from the men holding them, clinched into fists. In one swift move I turned grab two pistols from the two guys behind me and shot them. I then turned stood up and shot every guard on sight 55. I knocked Jack and Cutler out and then I tied them up. I did this all in one minute. I stole some keys off a guard and then grabbed a jacket to cover up my bare and scared chest. I got in a car and drove off never looking back.

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