My Perfect Match Part 4

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Miranda sat there for a few minutes….just staring at the blank wall, she was still shaking a little bit but it eventually stopped. She slowly got up off the ground…thoughts racing through her head…”why me”…..”whats going on”…..she just dosent understand whats happening, it frustrates her but she deals with it. She then gets into the shower…and washes up….after shes done getting all the soap off her body and hair she sits on the floor of the shower and leans against the back wall…she closes her eyes and just lets the water hit her face and body. She just sat there and thought about her life…about her father, Sara…now Jacob. Those people mean the most to her in this world but shes lost on of them….but has the trust and love of the other two…its a lot to deal with. Then their was a knock on the door in the middle of her thoughts.

Miranda-Who is it??

Jacob-its Jacob, you alright in there??

Miranda-yea im fine, ill be right out


Jacob walked back into the room and Miranda stood up while opening her eyes. She got out the shower and then turned it off, she looked at the mirror in silence while brushing her hair. She could see the bags under her eyes, her hair was falling out a little bit and she was skinner then before….she didn’t like falling apart….and had to fix it. She dried off and put on her clothes….bra, underwear, shorts, a tank top and a pair of socks. She braided her wet hair before walking out the bathroom and back into her bedroom. She smiled when she sat Jacob spread across the bed, laying on his back and texting.

Miranda-I see your comfortable

Jacob jumped in a bit of shock and dropped the phone on his face. He groaned a little in pain and Miranda couldn’t help but laugh as she walked over to him. She sat on the bed next to him, he was holding his eye where he dropped the phone.

Miranda-*laughing* im so sorry, are you ok?

Jacob-*smiles* its so not funny

Miranda-I don’t know its pretty funny from up here

Jacob-oh really

Miranda-yes really

Jacob sits up and then lightly pushed her down on the bed, and sits on her. He starts to tickle her sides lightly, she squirmed and laughed.

Miranda-*laughing* get off me, your heavy


Miranda-come onn pleassee

Jacob-no you laughed at me

Miranda-Im sorry

Jacob-oh really

Miranda-yesss now get up *laughs*

Jacob got off of her but pulled her up and she landed against his chest. She laughed and flicked his arm then he let her go.

Jacob-ok you are distended to hurt me in some way


Jacob-mmm anyway, im gonna shower

Miranda-ok just don’t look in my baskets or drawers


Miranda-first off were not dating a-


Miranda-*smiles* and also I have lady products that don’t need to be seen

Jacob-*smirks* so lingerie and stuff like that

Miranda-nope pads, tampons….stuff like that

Jacob made a disgusted face and Miranda laughed, she kissed his cheek before walking down the stairs to the kitchen. Jacob went into the bathroom and started to get undressed, then got in the shower to start washing up. Miranda was getting pieces of fruit to eat…her phone then rang. She looked and saw that it was the principal from the school.

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