Chapter 12: Home

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I wake up warm, in Tobias's arms. His jacket drapes over me like a blanket, and his head leans against the building behind us. The sun is low in the sky, but I want to get moving so that we can get to Amity while the farmers are still out in the fields. That way we can sneak into the compound and grab some red and yellow clothes or something. 

I shake Tobias's shoulder lightly. Instantly he jerks awake, he didn't sleep well. There are dark bags under his eyes, but I do not acknowledge them. "Let's get moving." I request, standing to my feet. He doesn't argue, though he looks like he just wants to keep sleeping, but that's not an option right now, or else I'd be asleep as well. Tobias stretches out his arms and bends over to pick up the gray jacket from the rocky ground. He places it over my shoulders and begins walking in the direction of the fence, which is the way to Amity. 

We pass large buildings, crumpling down and broken. Suddenly he stops walking. Tobias's gaze lies on a building off in the distance. You'd be a fool not to recognize it, the two buildings hiding the hole that I jumped through first. The Dauntless entrance. "What do you think they would do if we came back?" He asks, almost whispering.

"We could talk to Max about this, I'm sure he'd listen." I recommend.

"Max has never liked listening. But, we could try." He replies. 

"Do you think that our friends, like Christina and Zeke even know where we are?" I ask. If they didn't know they would be looking for us, I'd assume.

"Eric is probably running his mouth about it right now, so yeah." He says. Then a farmilliar sound fills the silence. The train. It's the first train's first route of the day, and it leads to Dauntless. I turn to my right, next to the tracks, and begin running along the side. 

"If we're going back home, come on!" I yell over the roar on the train. Tobias laughs quietly and runs ahead of me. The train is next to us now, we just have to jump on. He easily pulls himself in, and extends his hand to help me. I grab it thankfully, but I'm more than able to get in on my own.

The ride to Dauntless is short, about ten minutes. I stand in the doorway watching the city go by. Lost in thought, I am startled when Tobias warns me that its time to jump. When the timing is right, I back up and run towards the exit of the train. I've only done this once before. Tobias lands on his feet, while I roll across the rocky roof of the building. I gasp as my hands come in contact with a sharp rock. It's bleeding but not badly.

"I'll go first." Tobias announces, kind of sternly. He jumps without hesitation, through the hole between buildings. When I hear a thud, I stand on the edge of the roof, extend my knees, and jump. Within seconds I crash into the net, bouncing up and down on the ropes. I look up at the roof and laugh, I made it again.

Suddenly a hand pulls the net lower. I gaze into a strict pair of eyes, feeling like an initiate again.

"What you get pushed?" He asks me.

"No." I respond. 

"What's your name?" He asks me.

"Bea-" begin.

"What? Is it a hard one? You can choose a new name if you want, but you can only choose once." He tells me.

"Tris. My name's Tris."

"First jumper, Tris!" He yells. "Im Four."

I laugh, he just looks stern and unamused like Four always used to. His grimace slowly fades to a smile and he laughs. I feel like the stiff that jumped into that hole a long time ago.

"Im just waiting for some smart-mouth Candor to ask me why my name's a number." He mumbles, connecting his eyes with mine, head is tilted toward the stone ground. He's still smiling which kind of amazes me. That after all that just happened, he's still smiling. 

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