"Emma, Darling! How are you?" Frank said kissing my cheeks. "Lovely as always, Franki!" He smiled. "How lovely! I heard you received that sports car." I nodded. "Mommy and Daddy decided it was time I got something with a little more speed, than that old Escalade." He chuckled. "So, any new boy toy lately?" I gave him a sly smile. "Maybe, but you know I can't stay dedicated, Franki Dear." He smirked as we approached our lockers. I gasped. "Franki, look!" I pointed to signs that littered out lockers. 'Most Popular Whore' and 'Most Likely to Be A Fag' signs covered our the whole locker door. Frank puffed. "I'll probably get more than they would on a bad day." He pulled the signs off of his locker and threw them in the trashcan. "You okay, Em?" A tear rolled down my cheek. "I'M NOT A FUCKING WHORE, FRANKI!" He frowned. "I know, Em, it's just-" I cut him off. "I'm sick of these stupid peasants calling me a whore. I was with Daniel Young for two years before we had sex!" Frank frowned. "Only we know that Emi. They are just peasants trying to steal our joy." I gave him a half smile. "Daniel spread all of those rumor, you know?" I nodded. "He's just a drug addict, Em. He's scum under our feet. Now, he's with that dimwit hippy girl. He couldn't do better than you for years." I smiled and opened my locker. "True that, Franki Bear! Thanks for being my only dedicated guy." He smiled. "Always for you, my princess." I fixed and clean up what the tears had destroyed. "Franklin! Over heree!" Elle called. She pulled him and kissed him. "Hello, my love!" She blushed and grinned. "Hello, Ellen." She smiled. "Hello, Darling. How's today?" I shrugged. "More whore notes posted to the locker, but as of now, pretty okay." Elle patted me on the back. "Love, it gets better trust me. Everyone thinks the love of my life's gay!" Frank chuckled. "I'm not though!" Elle grabbed her books from her locker and we walked together to English class. Frank looked over at Roland sitting at our table already. "Go get 'em, Tiger!" I laughed.

My phone buzzed during Mr. Simon's lesson. I was from Mom. "Logan's in the E.R. with a fever of 100.3, come quick." I explained my situation to Mr. Simon and I sped to the hospital as fast as I could. God, I hope my baby's okay. I finally explained to the nurse that I was Logan Young's mother, and she let me in the back. Mom was stroking his forehead and soothing him. "Did you call Daniel?" Mom asked looking down at Logan. I shook my head. "I don't want that drug-" Mom shot me a look. "He deserves to know Emma." I puffed. "Fine." I stepped into the hallway to call him. He finally picked up. "Daniel?" He was probably skipping class right about now. "Yeah, what do you need, Emma? I'm in the middle of lunch." I huffed. "Look, Logan's in the E.R., and I just wanted to let you know. Considering he's your son." I heard him choking on food. "I'm going to be there in 5." I hung up and came back into Logan's room. "Hey, Baby Boy. Mama's here." Logan smiled as I swapped places with Mom. "It's going to be okay. Mama's here." I kissed his forehead. Mom went out to the cafeteria to get some food and coffee. She promised she would bring me back something since I had skipped lunch. Daniel finally got through the front and made it to Logan's room. I looked panicked. He leaned over Logan. "Hey, Buddy. It's Daddy." Logan gave him a smile smile. "I'm surprised he knows you considering you have seen him, since he was six months." I said sarcastically. He shot me dagars. "I know, considering he's two and you won't allow me to see him!" Mom walked in. "Hello, Daniel." He smiled. "Hello, Ms. Demonte." She smiled sat in the couch in front of the foot of Logan's bed. "How are you doing? I haven't seen you in ages. Has your condition improved?" Daniel nodded. "Better than ever, Ms. Demonte. I'd hope to spend more time with Logan now that I'm sober." She smiled. "Co-parenting may be an opposition." He grinned. "Thanks, Ms. Demonte." I shot her dagars. Logan looked at me. "Mama, can I spends time with Daddy?" I looked at Mom who shrugged. Daniel looked like a proud father. I leaned in to Logan. "Maybe one day, but you're really sick right now." He nodded. "But, the medicine help me feels better." I nodded and Daniel smiled. "But, you're a Young, Buddy. You'll pull through like a champ." Logan smiled. I scoffed, and Mom gave me a look. Logan talked to Daniel about all the stuff they needed to do together. Dad stepped in still dressed in his uniform. "Hey, Little Man, how are you feeling!" Logan's face lit up. "Papa!" Dad grinned and hugged his neck. He looked over to see Daniel. "Hello, Daniel." Daniel gulped. "H-Hello, Mr. Demonte." Dad nodded and pulled a chair up beside Logan's bed. "Papa, guess what?" Dad smiled. "What, Bud?" Logan told him all about his plans with Daniel. Dad smiled at Logan. "Is that right, Daniel? You're taking him out are you?" Daniel scratched his head and gulped. Logan frowned. "Daddy, you are. Right?" Daniel nodded and Mom looked at Dad with her judging look. Dad smiled. "Well, Buddy, according to the nurse you will be going home this afternoon. Papa will see you then!" His pager began to buzz. "Sorry, guys." He gave Logan a kiss on her forehead, and a peck on the cheek for me and Mom. "Goodbye, Guys! Love you!" Logan smiled. "Bye Bye, Papa, loves yew!" He smiled. "Goodbye, Daniel." He said in a more serious tone and closed the door. Logan looked at Daniel. "That's my Papa. I loves my Papa." Daniel gave a nervous smile and nodded. "I'm sure you do." Mom covered her smile with her hand. "Nana, doesn't you loves Papa?" Mom showed her smile. "Of course, Dear." He giggled. "Mama doesn't you loves Papa?" I grinned and nodded. "Of course! Papa is my daddy." He giggled again and looked at Daniel. "Daddy, doesn't you love Papa?" Daniel scratched his head which made Logan frown. I stood up and motioned for Daniel to follow me out. We stood in the hallway. "Look, I know you Dad doesn't like me, but-" I cut him off. "After all you've done to his daughter of course, Daniel, he's going to love you! Leaving him to raise YOUR son for a year and a half really earns brownie points!" He looked down at the floor. "Well? I have a new lifestyle now, Emma. I'm sober, and I'm willing to step up and be a father to him." I put my face in my hands. "Daniel, you aren't trying to be a family man that's what hurt him the most. You treat me terribly and abandoned your son. That's not what a true man does." He shook his head. "I WAS 16, EMMA!" I shushed him. "Don't yell. Please- we're in public. I just want us to have a mature relationship for our son's sake. The rumors you started really didn't help the cause!" He shook his head. "I know, Emma, and I'm sorry. When you get a girl pregnant and you're scholarship is at risk, you have to do something!" I rolled my eyes. "And drugs doesn't?!- honestly, Daniel, grow up." He sighed. "If I wasn't trying, do you think I would have came here." I gave him a half smile. "I guess you're right." I turned to go back in. He grabbed my arm. "I still love you, Emma. I always will." I spun around to face him, and he pulled me into a kiss. The flashbacks started.

I started dating Daniel the summer of Freshman year of high school. He was sweet, caring and fun to hang around. We clicked on so many levels. We understood each other like no other couple I knew. We thought we had it all planned out until his dad left. He started self medicating and drinking. I got pregnant in summer before Junior year, and Daniel was so happy. He was going to be a dad and take care of us. His addictions got worse once his mom found out I was pregnant. She claimed if Daniel didn't leave us, she would kick him out or worse. Daniel tried all he could, but couldn't do anything. I finally stop trying, when he overdosed on Logan's first birthday. He was suppose to come to birthday party Mom was throwing at the park a block from Daniel's house. Daniel went to another party instead and ended up in ICU for mixing Jack Daniels with xanax. Dad hadn't approved of him since, and Mom said he wasn't healthy for me or Logan. Daniel started rumors that Logan wasn't his that his father was Frank which were just lies to cover up his trashed reputation. People began to bully Frank along with me. Daniel went to rehab the summer before senior year and supposively got clean. IF he actually is doing better, I don't know. All I know is, I hope he has something to do with Logan.

"Mama?" Logan tugged on my hoodie. "Yeah, Buddy?" He pointed at Mom at the registration desk. "We goes home now?" I nodded and picked him up. "Yep, Nana is checking you out." Logan looked around. "Daddy!" He squealed. Daniel came up behind me grinning. He took Logan from my arms. "Daddy, can I go home wif yew?" Daniel chuckled. "You'll have to ask Mama." I looked at Mom who nodded it was okay. "Only if Mama comes, too." Daniel grinned. "The more the merrier!" I giggled and we went to the parking lot together. We got into my car since it was the only one with a car seat." Logan settled into his seat and looked out the window. "Daddy?" Daniel turned to him. "Yeah, Little Buddy?" He cuddled his stuffed moose. "Where are we's goings?" Daniel chuckled and glanced at me. "I-I-" He looked back at Logan. "Wanna go to the park little man?" He nodded his head grinning. "Then the park it is!" Finally, the family feel I wanted!

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