Chapter 11 Hollywood Take One

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“Take five everyone!” The director, Cole Thompson says, yes, that’s right I’m back. On set for a new movie. Crazy right? “Gavin, Chelsea. I suggest you run lines for the next scene.” Three weeks after Austin and I got back to being friends, I’m back being a full time actress. Oh, have I mentioned that I haven’t gotten any crazy threat notes since I got here in LA? Well, it’s only been a few weeks but a girl can hope right?

“Chels,” Gavin, that’s right Gavin’s back to being just Gavin again. “You want to go over lines?”

“I have to go find Austin, but can we all go back to my trailer to eat lunch and run lines?”

“Sure, I’m going to grab my lunch and meet you there.” Gavin says.

Quick I Never Forgot You synopsis: Kay Troublefield, that’s my character, befriends an LA high school student while she’s an exchange student from Canada. What she doesn’t seem to know is that Luke Coldwater, that’s Gavin, Kay’s LA new friend is a famous high school heart throb to every girl but her. In Kay’s eyes, he’s just an extremely nice guy. After her semester ends early and she returns to Canada the two of them grow increasingly distant. But they never forgot each other. Luke, junior at the school is also a huge TV costar on a huge American TV series.

“Chels, you look amazing.” Austin says, “As usual.” He comes up to me from the back of the studio and watches me. Apparently, he likes my blue day dress and curls. Curls that took two hours to do. “Lunch in your trailer?”

“Yeah, and I have to run lines with Gavin. Sorry Cole Thompson’s orders.” I apologize. “And unless we want to spend another Saturday working I should do it. This way I can finally show you my favorite Hollywood places, outside of Blackwell’s flat.” Yeah, so apparently my parents didn’t know I’d be going back to Hollywood and even though we didn’t have to pay any taxes on the place because I bought it full price and paid off the mortgage shut down the power, gas, and water so there were no charges to owning the place. My parents sold my pent house. A week before I came back. Without telling me. So I had to ship my furniture and all my things back to Pineview that I wouldn’t need for the duration of the LA contracts. So with no where cheap to stay with Austin except hotels and that adds up in the end. Luckily, Gavin’s letting us bunk with him for the duration of my contract. He doesn’t even live with his parents, not that I can say anything about that, but he has a huge 6 bedroom pent with six on suites, six walk in closets, a huge living room, a formal and informal dining room, a huge gourmet kitchen, and a huge deck with a great view of LA. Austin and I walk quickly over to the food tent and grab lunch before heading to my trailer, the same trailer I had when I started. Same pictures same furniture same everything, with a few new things. Like pictures of the ranch, pictures of Austin and Kelly, and pictures of Pineview.

“You know, you promised me that three times now.” Austin jokes as we make our way over to our trailer Gavin is waiting outside for the two of us. “Mr. I’m All That awaits your presence.”

“Austin!” I gasp elbowing him, “Be nice, he’s letting us stay at his penthouse.” We walk up to my trailer and I let both boys inside, “Lunch then work, sound okay?” I shuffle through some papers: contract, fan-mail, letters, and bills. I see a note and I freeze.

“Chels,” Austin says as someone comes up from behind me and places a hand on my shoulder I blindly turn around and slap whoever it is, “Chels!” The letter clutched tightly in my hand I look up from the letter as Austin staggers back to standing.

“Austin!” I exclaim, “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to hit you.” I take a step toward him, “I promise; I didn’t know it was you.”

“Chelsea,” Austin holds up one hand while he touches where I must have hit him, “What’s in your hand?” I hold it out to him, he takes it and examines it, “Who? When? Where? Why? How?” Austin looks closer at the letter.

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