Chapter 10.

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Were all sitting at breakfast. Colton puts his hands around Annabel's waist and he kisses her cheek. I've noticed that they are getting really close lately.

"We are getting four new boy riders." My uncle says.

"Yay!" We all shout.

"There all boys so that should be good for Colton." He says.

My uncle leaves the room.

"Ok new rule if anyone of those boys is looking at Annie I have a right to attack them." Colton says.

Annabel blushes and he kisses her on the cheek again. I go set up the rooms with Colton and Hazel. Everyone else goes and picks out horses. I see the boys walk out. But I catch my eye on one boy with dark brown hair and blue eyes. He's wearing a cute plaid country shirt and has his hair gelled back. He's really tall so I assume he's around my age.

I see the rest of the girls looking at the boys it sure looks like they have found a boy they like. A boy starts looking at Annabel. Colton puts his hands around her so they can get the picture that she's his.

I introduce everyone. The boys names are Jake,Blake,Phill and Hunter. The boy I like is named Phill. I'm so excited. I would think Colton would be excited for some boys to come but he does not seem to be. I wonder why.

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