Over Protective

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I walked in to the studio hand in with Cameron.
"I'm actually excited for dance today, I don't know why." Cameron smiled.
"It's cause you came with me." I giggled hopping on his back.
"Of course!" He smiled.
We walked in the dancers den and it seemed more crowded then usual.
I sat next to Kalani as Cameron walked in to a crowd of boys.
"So you and Cam are going strong!" Kalani teased.
"Yes but, he's much more clingy now, I can't even talk to another guy with out him getting jealous and over protective." I said rolling my eyes.
"That's stupid, we're surrounded by a bunch of guys at the studio."
Kalani scoffed.
"I'm serious, look!" I said getting up.
"Vinny! Give me five!" I cooed.
Vinny and I clapped our hands together keeping them together for little longer than usual.
I felt two arms wrap around me and felt Cameron pull me on his lap.
I looked over at Kalani with the "see what I'm talking about?!" look on my face.
"Cam, I'm not gonna steal your girl!" Vinny laughed, "I just wanted a high five!"
"Whatever!" Cameron groaned tightening his grip on me.
Soon after a couple of seconds of awkward silence, Jeanette came on the loud speaker.
"Hello! Studio AJ dancers! Any hip hop dancers interested in a experience that'll change your career please head over to Studio A at this time, thank you!" She announced.
"Let's go, babe!" Cameron said lightly tapping my butt.
"You go ahead I'll be down in a few minutes!" I said standing up from him.
"Kay!" He said quickly pecking me on the cheek and jogging up towards the rest of the crowd.
I grabbed Vinny by the arm and yanked him back in the dancers den glaring at him with my arms crossed.
"What?!" He smirked.
"I told you to stop messing with Cameron!" I said playfully hitting him.
"It's not my fault he's over protective!" He laughed.
We both started to make our towards Studio A when Vinny wrapped his arms around my shoulder and I quickly slipped away.
"You know how Cameron feels about that!" I snapped.
"Oh my gosh!" He groaned, "I always put my arm around you! Why is Cameron so controlling?!"
"He's not controlling, he's just scared to lose me!" I defended.
"Sure!" Vinny said playfully rolling his eyes.
"It's true!" I said running my hands through his hair.
"Did you really just mess up my hair??" Vinny ran his hands through his hair trying to fix it.
"You don't even have nice hair!" I teased.
"Excuse me?!" Vinny grabbed me and put me in a head lock making sure he wasn't hurting me.
"Get off!" I whined.
"You're not laughing anymore!" He smirked.
I slid from his grip pushing him back making him fall.
I ran away laughing uncontrollably and turned around to see Vinny quickly running behind me.
I heard him picking up the pace I quickly ran in to Studio A doors and felt his body collapse on top of me forcing both of us to fall to the ground!
We were laughing loud on the floor our faces turning red until we noticed all eyes were on us, I felt someone grab my hand and looked up to see Cameron. He yanked me up wrapping his arms around his waist and pulling me to the corner of the room not letting me go.
I looked over at Vinny sympathetically trying to say sorry about Cameron but he just rolled his eyes and turned towards the group of guys.

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