Chapter 1

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Alright! I managed to make another teacher resign! The music teacher, so today there's going to be a new one. A new challenge.... Bring it on!

My name is Mori Yui, I'm in my 4th year of elementary, currently 9 years old. My best friend is Hinata but my whole class loves me. My hobby? I would say... making teachers quit their jobs!

A nervous-looking guy entered the music classroom, "Nice to meet you," he said with a disgusting cheerful smile, "my name is Nakashima Daichi. From now on I'm going to be your new music teacher, I hope we ca--"

I interrupted the annoying young man, "Just shut up already." I crossed my feet on top of my desk and stretched out my arms, "You'll be out of here in two weeks tops. There's no need for you to present yourself." Everyone cheered me on as I confronted the teacher. "Bakashima Sen~sei." I stuck my tongue out to him.

"Bakashima?" hehe, he's getting already angry. Soon he will get tired of us and go work somewhere el--

"It somehow sounds funny." he chuckled. Eh? Is this guy an idiot? It was supposed to be an insult, why's he smiling so cheerfully? I puffed my cheeks and crossed my arms, it seems like this guy will be more of a challenge than the previous ones....

"Okay! Let's have everyone introduce themselves, we'll go by order of desks." he said cheerfully.

"It's your turn." he looked at me.

"I pass."

"You can't pass. Come on, just say something."

I frowned at him, "My name is Mori Yui. I like being with my friends and I hate Bakashima."

"Sounds like someone's in a bad mood today." the idiot smiled. Why is he treating me like a baby? This guy has to be an idiot. "Should I tickle this unpleasant mood away?"

Eh? "Kyahahahaha! N-no, stop it, Sensei!"

"There, you finally laughed. You should show this smile more often, it's cute."

Cute? What? "I-idiot!" I shoved his arms away and ran out the classroom. Why does my face feel so hot? That stupid teacher.

After cooling my face off in the bathroom, I went back to the music room and as I entered, I heard a beautiful melody, an angelic voice. Everyone was sitting in a circle around Sensei who was playing guitar and singing to them. No way this voice belongs to that stupid teacher.

I was mesmerized by his voice and stood in front of the classroom door, paralyzed.

Then the bell then rang, "Bye everyone, nice meeting you all. See you tomorrow." He smiled as he dismissed us. Then he noticed me still standing in front of the classroom door.

I tried walking away, but then he suddenly called me. "Yui-chan, may I talk to you please?" he waited until everyone else left the classroom. "I think we started off in the wrong foot today, I would like to--"


"Oy, won't you listen to--"

"Sensei, teach me!"


"I want to sing like Sensei. Teach me!"

He sighed, "Hasn't anyone taught you how to say please?"

I was surprised and blushed, "Teach me... p-please." I struggled.

"Fine, but only if you promise to behave." I puffed my cheeks and frowned. "Do you promise?" he insisted.

"Fine." After he teaches me to sing I'll get him to quit, right!

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