Chapter 7

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I closed my eyes for a couple mins. Then I opened them up to see two beautiful blue eyes staring back at me.

"Good morning beautiful."

"Morning cutie" He laughed.

"Did we sleep together?"

"Yup.. God your hot."

"God your gorgeous."

"Let's just lay here."

"Sounds fine with me."

"What do ya wanna talk about?"

"Let's ask questions no matter what we have to answer them."

"Ok. But let me check my phone. I'm gonna text Jenn."

*hey Jenn. I'm at luke's done worry about me I all text ya later*

"Ok I'm done you ask the first question."

"Why would a beautiful girl like you get bullied?"

"I had a gap."

"Gap or not. Your still gorgeous."

"Thanks" I say as I smile.

"If we ever date. You'll hear that a lot"

"Hear the gorgeous thing?"

"Yeah. Your turn"

"Ok.  Do you know how much I love you?"

"No. Because you don't"

"Well your wrong. Your turn"

"Do you have a boyfriend?"



"Do you have a girlfriend?"



"Can I kiss you?"


And we just kissed and kissed and kissed. His lips were so soft. 

*lukes pov*

God her lips were so soft. I would give anything for that night and day.  I really really love Andrea. A lot.

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