Kallan's Sacrifice: Birth of Unique Love (Introduction)

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There was a time when we all flew. We would spread our wings and soar high in the skies. Nothing could stop us, we were created to go above places unimaginable today. We'd sing our praises while wind would burst out against us. No storm could stop us, no wind was too strong to handle. Bravely we would reach the highest of mountains and let go of ourselves down till we almost hit the meadows. We lived where the aroma of rain surrounded us at all time. It was as if Rain knew us and hugged us before pouring down. We were The Great Keepers of the land and deep oceans. Created to serve the needs of others before our own and keep balance in our kingdom. A keepers wings were his arm of battle. They'd allow us to reach any place with a matter of instants; any with the exception of the line where the dark kingdom laid. Keepers reflected light, as our nature was pure and brave. Our eyes were golden, a sign of our nature as light creatures.

As I flew in the skies overseeing all in the land I noticed something no one had witnessed before. Dark creatures had crossed the limits of the Kingdoms and were attacking a light creature in the woods. I flew to save her and protect our land. As I flew I saw a dead dark creature being dragged from the conflict back into the dark world. As I turned I realized that the light creature who was so brutally attacked was a land creature protecting what she was created to protect. A new born child. I fought the dark creatures with all my strength until they were forced back into their kingdom to never return. I ran to the light creature to assure her safety, it was then when I saw the new born with eyes not yet open, her child she said. I was judged by the moon of Wisdom and sentenced to lose my wings. I had touched with them a land that was not to be touched. I became the first and only keeper to lose his wings in a battle which was fair but the law was clear and I had broken the law.

When a Keeper found his soul mate there was a celebration in the heavens. For once together their spirits became one, sharing the gifts they had been granted. Ena, the light creature whom I saved, was my soul mate but she was a land creature whose soul purpose was different as my own. Ena's eyes were celestial green, they reflected the gift she was given; protecting the children and spirits of the land. I still remember the night I met her; the same night I lost my wings. Losing my wings to such a beautiful creature was worth it, I loved her and she loved me back. I lived within the land creatures, they accepted me and my sacrifice. A celebration throughout the land dispersed as two different souls were united for the first time. I accepted Ena's child as my own. Never knowing the great life her spirit would serve.

Ena and I taught our daughter all of our knowledge, passing on to her the compassion, love, and bravery her mother and I carried. Our child's name, Kiatharina Cliara, was chosen by the stars as were every other creature. But every name came with a spirit which was to define the heart a child would have. Kiatharina Cliara's name represented purity and clearity but she was not accepted by the flying creatures for she was not the child of a Keeper. She also had trouble being accepted by the land creatures, for she was not raised in totality by the land. Though she struggled to be accepted, Kiatharina was a spirit that induced trust and love; for it she was loved across the whole land.

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