Author's Hiatus :(

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Well hello there.

As you've probably guess this isn't an update, but in fact me notifying you of a hiatus. In fact, think of as me knocking on your door, hugging you as soon as you open the door and after like 3 hours of it me giving you an envelope that says "I'M SO SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE ME YOU WONDERFUL PERSON!"



School's a bitch.

This isn't like "teachers are giving me so much homework and exams I don't have any time to write!"

This is like "fucking exams."

Like proper, future-dependent exams.

I just had my mocks week and I did well on half of them, and completely messed up on the other half, and I had my piano exam the same week, which I didn't did as well as I hoped on (I passed, but before I'd gotten all distinctions and merits so simply getting a pass kind of sucked a lil bit) and at the same time I was writing Teenlock (which I've been deciding another name on, but I'll get back to that in a bit) and that was so hard to write like I put it off for so long to revise and then when I needed to write it I couldn't actually type the words out b/c I was a) stuck for ideas, b) didn't have the motivation.

What I'm trying to get at here is that I need time away from Teenlock. The plot's changed a dozen times and writing's getting harder and harder as the plot changes every chapter. (The ending's staying the same though don't u worry ur lil heads), so I decided I needed to do something.

A hiatus.

It sucks. Hiatus sucks. But I need time away from this, as it's on my mind all the time and I have to get on with other things that are more important (future-wise) and get on with things I'm failing (i.e. piano, cause I've fallen behind a little bit and I've putting off doing my next exam until next year).

This doesn't mean I don't love you guys. You guys make my day, and are the some of the closest and friendliest people I could ever have hoped to comment on my story. I just need to clear my head and get on.

This hiatus will last a month, maybe a couple, maybe 6 months. But I'll never abandon this story, I can bet my life on it.

I'll be updating "Eu Não Quero Voltar Sozinho, John" and maybe "Timelord Forgotten", and I'm currently reposting Teenlock onto AO3 under a different name and completely re-edited from a third person's POV (which I personally think is a load better than my chapters from over a year ago, which suck) but on a whole I'll be gone for a few months.

I do need a name for Teenlock though, 'cause Teenlock as a name for a teen!lock story is legitimately the crappiest thing I've done, so I need a new name. I've got a couple which I reckon are actually pretty cool, like And Together We Fell (thanks fo PerfectlyParadox for that one!), but honestly I'd love it for people to throw in a few ideas whilst I'm gone, so if you have any ideas please comment them!

And dudes, really, I am so sorry.

f-a xx

(Some of you may have noted I accidentally posted this as a whole new story a few days ago, so you'll probably remember it!)

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