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Chapter 1

Every since day one Victorias parents never really cared about her. From her mom abandoning her and abusing her. To her dad making her do everything around the house. She doesn't have much friends and definitely doesn't get along with everyone.

"Ouch." Sobbed Victoria with a blade trembling in her unsteady hands. She looks down to blood dripping down on to the floor from her wrists. All she hears is breathe me by sia playing on repeat in her bathroom. Feeling like screaming she stops herself knowing thats its midnight and her dad is sleeping in the room next to her.

As she walks out of the bathroom with a washcloth on her wrist she enters the kitchen. Reaching for the cabinet with the gauze and medical tape that was left over. Slowly she wraps her wrist and tapes it down. She quietly walks back into her room and falls asleep.

"But mum i don't wanna go to school" pouts Victoria.

"You have a late bus coming to get you"

Victoria sees the anger in her mothers eyes but continues to argue with her about going to school. 5 minutes into the argument mother dashes at her and grabs Victorias neck.

"I....c..cant...b...breathe..." Victoria manages to get out as her moms hand grow tighter around her neck. She manages to wiggle through her moms grip and run into the bathroom and lock the door. Crying as she gets ready for school and gets on the bus.

Running as she approaches her teacher mrs.Wong she starts bawling. 10 minutes later mums at school picking her up.

Scared to get in the car she grabs the handle and climbs in. Mum grabs her and starts apologizing. Both of them sobbing and swearing never to speak of what happened.


Thank you so much for stating to read this. Sorry for such a short chapter for the first one but i promise it will get longer and better******

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