Chapter 13

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They dragged me into the building. Then stood me up and pressed me against the wall.

Smiling cruelly they said,"Welcome back to hell, Cody we missed you."

Then they had me walk on my shot and bloodied leg making me limp but I didn't dare wince refusing to let them see my pain. After a few turns and twists they opened a door on the right. You could hear the echoing screams if people trying not to give answers, trying to be defiant. I learned long ago that defiance wasn't the way to go but hey who cares now I'm going to die here anyway. They threw me and Jessica into the cell being especially harsh with me. When the door slammed shut Jessica ran towards me helping me on one of the small dingy beds. There was a cabinet with gaze and things to stitch someone up or remove a bull-it but there was only one thing remotely close to medicine and it hurt soo much almost too much. Jessica went to the cabinet and pulled out the medicine and bull-it kit.

"Now I need answers and you need a nurse so I want to make a deal. Every time I fix you up you answer a question," she looked determinedly at me.

Seeing no point in arguing I sighed but then said ok. She also grabbed a leather bound stick for the cabinet I put it in my mouth and put my hands on the metal head bored above me. She dug tweezers in my leg making me bite really hard on the stick and groan. Finally after my eyes had watered and I almost broke the stick she pulled out a bull-it. I spit the stick out and relaxed glad that the worst was over. She stitched up my leg and put bandages on it.

"Why did they kill your dad?" She implored.

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