Can't Wait; Malum

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{A/N; WARNING, SMUUUTT! And in Australia they drive on the left side of the road.}

Calum is a horny little shit

Calum sat in the passenger seat of the silver Jeep Rubicon, watching as Michael drove with his right arm out the window and a small smile on his face. He sang along to 'I Miss You' by Blink 182, glancing at Calum every once in a while.

"Babe, are we almost home?" The kiwi said in a whinny voice, placing his hands on the seat between the gap in his legs. The Aussie chuckled, placing his right hand on the wheel to lay his left hand on Calum's thigh. He heard the younger's breath hitch and he knew exactly why Calum was acting like this. With a smirk he moved his hand up to palm Calum's hard-on. "We have another hour and a half Cal."

The darker boy grabbed the paler boys forearm, squeezing his eyes shut while he focused on the pleasure. "F-fff..." He couldn't even talk, he was writhing in the euphoric feeling and his release was almost in his reach. The hazel eyed boy noticed and pulled away, putting both hands on the wheel. The brown eyed boy pouted and groaned. "Fuck Mike, c'mon I need this... please." This made Michael shake his head with a smirk. "Sorry Cally. We need to get home."

Calum huffed, but an idea popped into his head. With a sly smirk head leaned towards Michael a bit and cupped his crotch, feeling his semi hard in his skinny jeans. They swerved a bit and the pale boy tensed. "W-what the fuck Caaaaaaa-aaal." He moaned out as the tanned boy started to massage the others dick. "Mikey, I need you." The younger pleaded, keeping his hand on the older's crotch.

Michael's knuckles started to turn white while his grip on the steering wheel tightened. "Fuck, right now Cal?" He asked, eyes flickering to look at the signs on the highway to get off a ramp or exit. "Miiiiiiike, don't you want to pound into me? Bend me over and fill me up with you big cock-" "Fuck. Okay, okay." He flipped the blinker on and got off at some random ramp and turned to a little town. "Just pull behind a building, I'm fucking desperate baby." Calum said, leaning over to kiss Michael's neck. Michael moaned and drove a little further away from the more populated area to a more secluded area.

He pulled the Jeep behind a building that look abandoned and put it in park, amazed that he did all that with Calum sucking and biting his neck. "Cal. My lap. Now." He pushed the seat all the way back and Calum swung his leg over Michael's lap, grinding down as soon as he was comfortable. "Shit." The black and blonde streaked boy groaned and pressed his lips to the brunettes. Michael's hand grabbed Calum's ass and pulled him closer, grinding his hips up. The younger moaned into his lovers mouth and grabbed Michael's shirt, disconnecting their lips to pull it over his head. Calum lifted his arms arms so Michael could pull off his tank top as well.

Once their shirts were off the shorter boy ran his hands down the pale canvas of Michael's chest, craning his neck down to place small kisses just under his collar bones. Michael moan breathlessly and started to unbutton Calum's jeans. "Cal, lift your ass up." Calum giggled and pushed his ass up so Michael could pull his jeans around his thighs, his dick springing out as well.

Michael spit on his palm and started to stroke Calum. "Oh shit." He whispered, leaning his head on Michael's now bare shoulder. His hands reached down and started to unbutton Michael's jeans, unclasping his belt too. "Pull'em down Mikey." Calum whispered in Michael's ear, biting it lightly. The older let go of the younger's dick, lifting his hips to shimmy his jeans
down to the middle if his thighs. Calum quickly licked his hand and grabbed Michael's cock, stroking it in a fast pace. "Fuuuuck. Jesus Calum." Michael leaned his head back on the headrest as Calum started to make small love bites on his neck. "Do you have lube baby?" Michael asked, running his hands down the younger's tanned back from his shoulders to his hips.

Calum nodded, letting go of Michael's throbbing member to reach in the glove box. "You horny little shit, you planned this didn't you." Michael said with a chuckle. Calum blushed but nodded his head yes. "What can I say, I needed your dick in my ass babe."

With that, he ripped the package open and squeezed some on his hand and started to coat Michael's dick with it. "You n-need to be str-reached?" He stuttered as the tanned boy jerked his hand a little. The brunette nodded, let go of the other's dick and lifted his hips so the pale boy could reach his ass. Michael squeezed some of the gooey substance on his fingers and ran his finger over the ring of fluttering muscles, making Calum shiver and let out a little moan. "Mikey please." He said, pressing their foreheads together. "Okay." He pushed two fingers down to the last knuckle and moved them around. Calum whined and closed his eyes, the feeling of his lovers fingers inside of him giving him so much pleasure. Michael added another finger, bending them slightly making Calum yelp. "Aaaahhhh right there." He rocked his ass down onto Michael's fingers moaning loudly.

With a smirk playing at his lips, Michael twisted his fingers and had Calum screaming his name again. "Mikey, baby please I need you in me." The younger begged wrapping his arms around Michael's neck, pressing their bodies together. Michael slipped his fingers out of Calum and wiped his hand on his jeans, grabbing his lover's tanned waist. "Ready babe?" Michael looked into Calum's desperate lust filled brown eyes. "Yeah yeah." He nodded his head, smashing his lips to Michael's in a sloppy battle of tongue and teeth.

Slowly, Michael lowered Calum down until his hips were pressed to the other's ass. Calum pulled away from the kiss and leaned his head back, jaw hanging open in a silent scream. "G-god Cal.. you're s-soo tight." Michael stuttered, lifting Calum up, then letting him drop down again. "Oohhhh fuck Mikey." Calum moaned and he wound his fingers into Michael's blonde streaked hair, pulling slightly. The pale boy lifted the tanner one, letting him drop down, thrusting upward as well. Calum cried out and pressed his face to Michael's shoulder again. He was chanting Michael's name over and over while the paler one continued lifting and thrusting.

"C'mon Cally, you gotta help me out here." Michael said while running his nose over Calum's neck and shoulder, getting tired out from doing all the work. "O-okay." The younger stuttered, taking deep breaths. He pushed on the seat with his knees, lifting up and sliding back down making Michael moan his name. " 'M so close baby." Michael whispered breathlessly. Calum took a shaky breath and started to quickly bounce on Michael's dick. "Fuck Cal." Michael moaned and Calum smushed his lips to Michael's in a long kiss.

Calum could feel his orgasm, he was getting lightheaded and his abdomen started to tighten. "Mikey, I'm gunna cum." He said, clenching around his lover's cock, letting spirts of white coat both of their chests. "Shit." Michael squeezed his eyes shut and tensed, cumming hard into Calum.

The tan boy sat on the paler boy's lap for a minute, both breathing heavily. He lifted his ass and let Michael pull out, sitting down on his thighs. "Holy shit Calum." Michael leaned back with a chuckle. Calum smiled, leaning up to give him a quick kiss. "I love you Mike." Michael caressed his cheek, thumb running over his plump pouty bottom lip. "I love you too Cal." Michael reached into the glove box and grabbed some leftover McDonalds napkins, wiping both of their chests. "Lets get home now, yeah?" Calum nodded his head yes, grabbing both their shirt so they could put them on. He shimmied his jean and boxers on, sitting back in the passenger seat. Michael pulled his jeans back on and pulled the seat forward, both of them putting their seat belts on. "When we get home, we're gunna need showers." Calum said, giving Michael a suggestive wink. Michael rolled his green eyes at the brown eyed boy. "Yeah, yeah, you horny shit." Calum laughed, "Sorry I just couldn't wait." Michael grabbed Calum's hand, pulling back into the highway. "I know you can never wait."

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