Chapter 8

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Louis' P. O. V

I stood by the door after I closed it and I heard her read her poem,it almost sounded like a suicide letter to be honest.

I sighed and made my way to the living room. Allison need someone and I wanted it to be me.

As I sat down I heard a knock at the door then I heard the door open and in walked Gabby.

"Well that was fast."I smiled at her an she laughed

"I was right down the street when Niall called."she smiled when she said Nialls name and scanned the room for him. As soon as she made eye contact with him she ran to him and hugged and kissed him.

I wanted something like that,I wanted something like that with Allison.

You could tell Niall and Gabby's relationship was great. Everything about it was,especially the sex and I would know because I hear it every time she comes over.

My thoughts were interrupted by Gabby "Where is the lucky girl?"she winked at me. I smiled and held my finger up signaling her to wait a moment.

"Allison!"I yelled and heard the door open shortly after.

Allison's P. O. V

I groaned internally as I heard Louis call my name,that mean Nialls girlfriend was here.

She was probably some stuck up bitch Niall was using for sex which gave me more reason to hate them.

I opened the door and walked what felt like a long journey to the living and saw her.

When I walked out in the living room and saw her I was kinda shocked.

She was beautiful to be honest and she didn't have tattoos and and piercing like the guys. She wore a beanie and a tight sweater with pink and grey stripes. She also had on black ripped jeans and grey converse to match.

Her hair was curled perfectly and was black,she was mixed and still looked gorgeous. I could never be a beautiful as that.

She looked up at me and smiled "Hi I'm Gabby."

"Um I'm Allison."I half smiled and let her shake my hand.

I pulled my hand away and looked at her and she stared back,almost as she was examining me,I couldn't help but feel uncomfortable.

"Well on my way here I thought it would be nice if we went out to eat or to party."she smiled looking to the boys breaking our stare down.

Louis smiled "A nice dinner would be nice for the four of us."

I grimaced,I had to spend time with people I absolutely hated,except for Gabby of course.

The three of them had decided for me,so I had no choice but to go out with them,the only upside about this is that it will only make my plan and I'll get closer to them.

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