Chapter 3

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After work I met up with Tobias to tell him the news. We met at our spot on the Ferris wheel. He was late but I didn't care.

When he got up there he had a huge smile on his face. He walked right up to me and picked me up off my feet to kiss him.

As he set me down I started,"Christina came up with a new name."

"What for who?" he asked laughing.

"Fourtris," I said with huge amounts of excitement.

His smile grew bigger. "I like that," he chuckled.

"Why are you so happy today?"I asked laughing along with him.

"Because my favorite version of Tris is back." He said his smile growing even bigger. I looked into his deep blue eyes. I feel as if I could drown in them at any moment.

I looked him over, picking out every beautiful detail of his body.

His brown hair was was short, and light, and it shined when the sun shined. It's the kind of hair you always want to run your fingers through.

His skin was deep tan. It was smooth and wonderful. People could stay in the sun forever and not have a tan so perfect, not to dark not to pale, but perfect.

His hands were callused and rough but his fingers were long and fragile. They're the kind of fingers made for doing simple gentle things.

His height was perfectly tall. His legs perfectly long. His clothes fit his personality perfectly. He was just perfect.

I stared at him in silence. "Why are you staring at me like that?" he asked with a smirk.

"Because your perfect," I whispered. "You are perfect."

He smiled and lifted me up like a baby. "Fourtris huh?" he kissed me softly on the forehead.

"Fourtris," I said reassuring him. I reached my lips to his still being held like a baby.

"I love you," we said in unison

That was that we were Fourtris!

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