Chapter 5

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"Andrea! Why are you in here???"

"I was looking for the bathroom and stumbled across your room. I'm.  just  I'm gonna go"

"Oh no your not come here Andrea!"

"I'm sorry Luke." I attempt to open the door. He slams it shut.

"Come here." He grabs my hand.

"Luke I'm sorry. Really I didn't mean too I just your mad ar-" he cuts me off  "No. I'm not. Come here. And let me explain something to you. Come back in my room"



"My parents died 7 years ago. Someone came in the home. I stood there and watched them get stabbed. And I haven't told anyone this. The man that stabbed them hurt me. Really bad. He hit me and punched me and stabbed me in the leg." He said as he lifted up his ripped skinny jeans. "Then after that. 2 months later I started self harming.  I cut my arms and stomach. Then a couple days later I. Uhh.  I took these pills that my mom took when she had the flu. And tried to kill myself. I know it sounds selfish but I didn't have anyone else. So. After I took them I layed in the kitchen and didn't eat for 2 days. I took the last one in the whole thing. And I passed out. That was August 6th.  I woke up on August 10th. I ate something then walked outside.  No one was there. I don't know why I expected my parents to be there when I woke up. But. They weren't. Then I realized my life is horrible.  I took a knife pushed as hard as a could and made a really deep cut in my stomach.  I had no money then.  So I couldn't go to the hospital.  I just let myself bleed out. Until I found a needle and thread. This sounds horrible.  But I attempted to sew it back together. No one would take me in.  My aunt has helped me with money. But she hates me so I can't live with her. Andrea. I love you."

I was crying by then.  "Oh my god. Luke. I'm so sorry. I love you too." He wiped the tears from my eyes looked down. And saw my scars. "Tell me your story."

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