Odette's POV

"So.. Dead, huh?"

"As dead as it gets." Kat laughed along with me, although there was nothing funny about the subject. Yeah, we had talked things out, but I couldn't help feeling sick in my stomach due to the things I've told her - the bruises I've shown her, the insults I've repeated, all mentioned as if there were nothing. Of course she had promised not to tell anyone, although she did mention keeping quiet about the abuse was wrong. But Stella didn't mean to be the way that she was. She just didn't know any better.

The time was already 1:46, and me and Kat had been sitting under the tree talking for more than an hour. She then left to go tell Cameron and Nash that we've made up, leaving me to stay on the grass and think to myself, which was just what I wanted.

{after school}

All the halls were already empty and there were only a few teachers and students left, including me.

I walked into the music class room and put my bag on one of the desk, then walked over to the instruments and began looking for one that would take my mind off of things. I had eventually chosen to play around with the piano keys and sat down, allowing my hands take over. At first, it sounded as if a cat was walking around, stepping on each key but in a breath it changed into a melody. I easily recognized the song from one of my old music boxes which I've had as a child - something passed down from my mother.

I stopped myself, nearly in tears and took a break to check the time. It was already evening and I had no plans of returning home with Stella there. It was quiet and peaceful, there wasn't a soul in sight and it felt comforting.

Just go to the cave - that's always a good option, huh?

What cave?

You know, the one with the lake. Maybe 10 minutes away from here.

"Well it sounds like a plan. Let's go."

"Jesus fucking Christ," I screamed out and spun around, nearly falling off my chair. Cameron was standing against the door frame looking over at me and laughing, obviously entertained.

"I couldn't exactly tell if you were talking to me or yourself, but you answered my questions anyways so - I guess it's a plan. Nice song by the way, did you write it?" By now he was standing over me, looking at the music sheets that were spread out on the piano.

"Do you ever make any sound when you walk?" He laughed at me and pushed me down the bench, sitting down, letting our legs and arms touch.

"Quite frankly, no. I don't think I do. But, what I actually do is come up with great ideas - including this one," He put one finger up matter-factly and wiggled his eyebrows up and down like the idiot he was - and for once, I think I actually liked it.

"How about," He continued. "You and I go down to 'The Cave' and learn more about each other rather than sit here and sob along to sad piano songs played by pretty British girls." I stared at him blankly for a short while before he began making weird faces, causing me to laugh loudly.

Dear god please don-

"Let's go." I sighed and chuckled before we smiled at each other and got up at the same time, running out if the room. Grabbing my things, he dragged me out and began running like an eight year old child. We were both laughing and giggling, and nearly tripping over each other at how clumsy and carless we both were

You're going to fuck up. Stop.

He looked back at me with the biggest smile I have ever seen on someone's face.

You're being really stupid. Just stop and tell him you have to go home.

I stopped thinking about anything - everything and everyone and paid attention to Cameron holding my hand and running down the hallways without a care in the world. It felt almost surreal - kinda like things were going in slow motion. I couldn't focus on anyone but him and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

It felt good. It felt better than anything to know him and Kat and Nash and to have them in my life. I no longer had an emptiness in my chest from pushing people away and I no longer felt hurt from hurting others. I felt free. I felt happy. I wasn't going to let myself be alone anymore.

Not anymore.

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