Chapter 1: A Cold Feeling

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Authors Note:
Hi everyone! This is my first fanfiction, and I'm really excited to get started! Just to let you know I DO NOT own any of the Frozen or Rise of the Guardians characters! I know some people are picky about that. Anyway so how about I get started now! So sit back, relax, and enjoy! ~Ana
I make my way through the long hallway in the castle, on my way to my bedroom. I walk to the balcony and cross my gloved hands together, overlooking all the hustle and bustle of Arendelle. People have already started crowding in front of the closed gates. I walk off the balcony and back into my room. I take a deep breath and pull off my gloves, revealing my shaking hands. The painting of my father stares down at me while I pick up the candlestick and sphere on the table, holding them out in front of me just like my father did in the painting. Suddenly swirls of ice and frost crept up the candlestick and sphere, I quickly put them back down on the table and walk out of my room on my way to the cathedral.
I feel a cold presence behind me, but I assume it's just me. I continue walking and tell the guards to open up the gates. I see my sister, Anna run up to the gates as soon as they start opening.
I haven't seen her in so many years. I remember she used to knock on my door countless times and ask me to come out and build a snowman, but I never opened the door to her. Well now I'm opening the doors for her the big iron ones that have kept both of us away from the outside world. All these memories and thoughts float back to me as I walk to the cathedral where all the citizens of Arendelle await to crown their new queen, me.

Authors note....again:
And that's all for now at least. I know, it's SUUUUUPER short, but the chapters will get longer I promise!

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