The morning after

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//AN just want to say I was only expecting like 1 or 2 reads of this so to me 10 is crazy! Thank you so much!! I love you guys :) xxx//

I woke up at 11 am the day after the party and the memories of Tristan and I came flooding back, I knew I had to tell Brad as he didn't know I had said yes so I walked to his room which was the one next to mine. I softly knocked on the door and heard a groggy Brad tell me to come in so I opened the door and jumped on his bed lying on my back next to him, he was still half asleep, I think I woke him up ... oops.

'What do you want at this time Sis? I am tired!' Brad complained

'Bradaz, It's 11am sleepy head' I shouted 'and anyway I have something I need to tell you'

Brad sat up with a concerned look on his face 'What is it Rachie?'

'No need to sound so concerned Bradaz' I laughed 'Last night at the party Tris asked me to be his girlfriend and I just thought you should know I said yes' I shouted excitedly

Brad suddenly woke up and started jumping up and down before flinging his arms round my waist and giving me a tight hug screaming

'AHHHHH my baby sister has a boyfriend ahhhhh' (May I just tell you he is only 5 minutes older than me!)

When Brad finally released me I decided to go and find my handsome boyfriend. I knocked on his bedroom door then barged in to see a very sleepy looking Tris lying on his side looking still half asleep... I think I woke him up, oops, I really need to stop doing that! Tris opened his arms summoning me to come and lie next to him. I walked over and lay on the bed facing him and he wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me closer to him so our bodies were touching and I put my arms around his neck resting my nose on his, the next thing I knew our lips were moving in sync and I granted him entrance our toung's battling for dominance. We lay in silence just staring into each others eyes for a few minutes before he broke the silence

'Rachel, will you do me the honour of coming on a date with me tonight?'

'Yes, I would love to Mr Evans' I giggled

'I have something I want you to see, be ready to leave at 6:30, we are eating a restaurant but I wouldn't advise heels but no matter what you're wearing you'll look stunning babe' he whispered before getting out of bed and heading to the bathroom.

'Sorry babe, I need to get ready now. The boys and I have rehearsal all day until 4:30. I am so sorry we can't spend our first day as a couple together.'

'Its honestly fine Trissy, I understand you have the tour soon and I get to have you all to myself tonight! Anyways I was going to ask Annabel to come round today, I need to tell my bestie about us and I want to find out what's going with her and Louis, they seemed to be getting very close last night.'

I walked over to Tris and went up on my tiptoes to peck his lips before walking to my room and texted Annabel,

Hey chick, you free today? xxx

I was about to go in the shower when my phone beeped, I had a text off Annabel, it read:

Hey hun, Yeah I am want to do something?!?! xxx

I quickly typed back a reply before jumping in the shower

Yesss, got some shizzle I need to tell you! Mine 12:30 for a girlie day? xxx

I quickly washed myself and my hair before getting out, putting on a pair of blue skinny jeans and jumper as it was March so was still quite cold, I only put on mascara and a thin layer of foundation as I would get ready for my date later. I dried my hair then just left it wavy. The boys had already left and just as I was finished getting ready Annabel knocked on the door, I sprinted down the stairs and opened the door. I hadn't even shut the door when she shouted


'Tris asked me to be his girlfriend' I squealed!

She ran up to me and jumped on me screaming, she was just as excited as me as she knew how long I had liked Tris. After a few minutes of talking about Tris and I I began quizzing her on Louis. She explained to me what was happening

'Well last night after they performed Brad introduced them to me and after a while of talking to them all one by one they all left leaving Lou and I together, we started talking and we got on so well so as he was leaving he asked for my number then texted me as soon as he left, we are meeting up tomorrow!!'

I was so happy for her as Louis had always been her favourite! We spent the rest of the day until the boys came home watching disney films. When the boys came home they all came into the living room and each one gave me and Annabel a hug before sitting down, Tris sat next to me and put his arm around my shoulder so I snuggled into his chest. We hadn't told Jems and Con as we thought it would be funny to see how long it took them to notice. After about an hour Con started giving us funny looks then blurted out

'Is something going on with you two?!'

Tris and I burst out laughing and told Jems and Con about us, they were both really happy for us and gave us a 'congratulatory' hug. At 5 Annabel dragged me upstairs to start getting me ready for my date. I was so excited but the butterflies kicked in.

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