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Theodores POV

He sat on the ground after having extracting himself from the pile up, and was now in the process of searching for his Stygian iron and celestial bronze sword - a present from his father. Poppy ran up the stairs, followed by Dalus, then Tom, then Luke, and last was Hestia. Though as she was about to vanish up the steps, and as Theo was standing up sword in hand, she turned back and faced the small girl Sandy.
"You are not to follow or fight" she said firmly. Then the grey eyed girl left.

Theo was now standing and he studied Sandys expression. It was as clear as day she wanted to do something, and nothing would stop her.

"Wait a minute" he said to her before delving into the cutlery draw and searching. "Aha" he brought forth a fork and handed it to her reverently. "I present you with a fine weapon."

"That's not a fine weapon" she noted, holding it sceptically.

"Well it's all you're going to get" he replied bluntly. "Now do you want to fight or not?" The curly haired girl nodded, before following him upstairs at a run.

They arrived on deck to find everyone fighting and feathers everywhere. A huge flock of furies had decided to attack the ship, and in the process had rammed it causing it to tilt. He assessed the situation.

Percy and Annabeth fought back to back as always, a deadly four armed killing machine. His father was throwing vials of Greek fire and causing calculated chaos. Hestia and Luke were against a mast fighting side by side. As for Poppy, Dalus and Tom...well at that particular moment they had all jumped out as one and had started attacking furiously - excuse the terrible pun.

All in all they were holding up well, but Theo couldn't hold back Sandy who went screaming defiantly into a big back. Almost instantly she almost got impaled by claws, so he ran in to help her. Most of the time he spent defending her, but he still managed to get a couple of fatal blows in. Honestly she wasn't half that bad, but she had a crappy weapon. Theo didn't care - he would rather be poisoned than face the angry parents of a knife wielding child.

Soon the deck was covered in feathers and blood. Theo leaned against the railing, more for the sake of it than to get his breath back. Poppy came and joined him - he knew she didn't really understand him (nobody did) but she kept trying which he grudgingly liked.

"So you slayed a few monsters yourself" she said, nodding to the blood on his camp half blood t-shirt. Her blonde hair had come loose from her ponytail and now was all over the place. He found that really hot.

Looking away, he shrugged. "Yeah. You didn't do so bad either." Her whole t-shirt was covered in red.

She laughed giving her shirt a shake. "I'm going to go change. See you later." He waved as she walked off.

Then he leaned back on the rail again and closed his eyes. After only five seconds of peace a screech punctured his solitude followed by a low moan. His brown orbs shot open and searched for the disturbance. The deck was nearly empty apart from a small figure at the end, lying in a crumpled heap at the end. A fork lay glinting beside.

He ran to Sandy Jackson and scooped her up in his arms. In the air a fury swooped away, cackling. His reddish hair flopped into his eyes as he hoisted her into a comfortable position and brought her below deck. There was a deep wound on her left arm. In the dining room the table was filled with exhausted figures. Once Percy and Annabeth saw their daughter they shot up immediately, followed by her three siblings.

"Sandy!" They gasped rushing over. Percy took over carrying her body and Theo sunk into a chair, lines heavy on his brow. The family left the room and only Tom was with him at the table.

"Your Dad's below deck" he explained. "Do you want to go see him?"

Theodore shook his head once, and then closed his eyes once more. This time he fell asleep.

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