Preference 1 - how you become friends 1D

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How you become friends-


You were running late to school and you ran into each other. "Harry" he said as he stuck out his hand. "Y/N". You say shaking his back. After finding out where to go from the office it ends up you having the same classes as him so you make your way to the first lesson - late - and sit in the spare seats at the back. Over the year just from one lesson your friendship grows into something you both treasure.


You were known as your classes biggest prankster and him, his. One day your maths teacher has enough and gives you a detention when you take it a little too far. He is put in the same detention as you. You get left alone for five minutes and you both start putting together plans individually. "(Y/N)". He calls out to you. "Yes". "What are you doing?" You tell him about your prank and he tells you about his and together you make a plan and fool your detention supervisor landing you in another one. "Till next time". He says leaving - you copying. The next detention goes the same but rather than pranking the teacher you plan a class prank. You two are soon known as the school pranksters.


You were invited to a special meeting for those who were achieving higher than those in the year group. Out of the ten invited only the two of you actually turned up. "Liam". He says. You respond with your name. You both compare scores to see whos cleverer to find your both of similar levels. You then spent many lunchtimes and afterschool time together doing extra things giving you higher grades than before. Your friendship developed throughout this time.


You had just had a fall out with your best friend and nothing cheers you up like Nandos. You were sitting at your booth alone crying and remembering all the fun times you two shared when Niall walked in. He was in the booth next to you when he heard you crying. His heart melted and he came to comfort you. You spoke for a while and got to know each other. You exchanged numbers and became friends. Nandos meetings then became a regular thing for you pair.


You were at the funhouse with your younger sister/brother when you got to the mirror section. Going across all the mirrors you looked at yourself until you came across a normal one. At that same mirror was Zayn. You two talked for a little, exchanged numbers and became friends. You then ended up moving to his school in year 7 which just brought the friendship out to others.

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