Can't Take My Eyes Off You

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AU :

Can't Take My Eyes Off You by Frankie Valli but I was listening to James Arthur's cover when I wrote this :D

"I can't breathe, Ashton." Calum says, his fingers shook as he sat at the table. "Cal, you're going to be fine." Ashton replies with a small smile.

Calum swallows hard as he stares up at the clock, "It's almost time. Will you be there?" Calum asks panicky, "Please be there. Do you remember the address?"

Ashton nods as he stands up from the table, "We wouldn't miss it in the world. See you in twenty." Ashton says, he smiles before he leaves Calum's apartment.

Calum looks down at his phone that was buzzing quietly on the table, it was a text.

"Does this look okay? x"

Calum feels his chest tighten as he looks at a picture of you in a tight black dress. It shows off every curve and edge in your body. Calum bit his lip as he texts you back.

"You look better than okay, babe xx."

Calum sighs as he heads to his car, it was almost time and Calum felt himself grow more anxious and jittery every second. The restaurant that you had chosen for dinner was packed, Calum recognized his bandmates cars along with his family and yours.

Calum was happy that you had chosen the restaurant you two had first met at. He was on the TMH tour and him and the boys had went to this restaurant.

You were assigned to his table, being a fan, you were slightly nervous. You had spilled lasagna on Calum's white tank top. Calum didn't get mad, he was more flustered by you. Calum had made his move after you cleaned him up and you've been together ever since.

"You ready son?" Your father asks him, Calum nods as he pats his back pocket that has the ring.

"Yes." Calum replies shakily as he heads to the booth, he waits patiently for you to arrive.

"Hi Cal!" He heard you say, Calum felt his breath being knocked out of him. "You look beautiful." He mutters kissing your lips softly, "Absolutely stunning."

"Thank you.. You look handsome. To die for." You smiles as you sit across from him. Calum kept small conversations going, he tried easing his nerves but they kept growing worst.

He has performed in stadiums and venues all over the world... But he had butterflies in stomach and weak knees from trying to ask you to marry him.

"Um.. I have a question babe.." Calum mutters scooting out the booth, You look at him nervously as you turn to his attention. "Yes?" You ask with a smile, You watch as Calum slowly gets to his knee.

"Babe." Calum starts off, "I love you. These past two years have been the best two years of my life. I realized while on tour, that I don't want to be with anybody else. I realized that even when you spilled lasagna on me. I thought wow I want to be with her. I want you and only you. You're too good to be true. I love you, baby. I want to be with you, I don't think anybody could put up with me and my band and all the touring like you do. So I was wondering, if you would marry me."

You feel your mouth drop as Calum pulls out a small blue leather box from his back pocket.

A average size ring sat in the middle, it glisten and shines as Calum removes it. "Yes. I would love to marry you, baby." You half scream as you wrap you arms around his neck.

Calum smiles widely making his eyes crinkle, he appeared dumbfounded.

"Really?" He asks shockingly as he puts the ring on your finger.

You see your family, his family, even Ashton, Luke and Michael come embracing you two in a hug. You couldn't help but cry as everyone congratulated you two.

You and your mother shared a sobbing hug, your father kissed your hand lovingly, your sister squealed happily for you.

You hugged Calum's sister Mali, she was happy to have a "baby sister". Calum's mother hugged you tightly wishing you and Calum the best of luck, she even said she's been waiting for this day. Calum's dad kissed your cheek and welcomed you into the family.

Luke, Ashton, and Michael hugged you tightly welcoming you into their "family".

Calum had returned to your side, mumbling: "Can't wait to spend my life with you, I love you you're just too good to be true. There's no words left to speak. I love you."

You were more excited to spend the rest of your life with Calum.

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